What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday | 191

Happy Wednesday! Today is the day where crafters all over the world join Julia over at the Stamping Ground and share a peek at their work spaces. It’s a lot of fun to join in and see what people are working on.

Today I am working on my January spread for Project Life.

I so love the Project Life approach to documenting memories. (That is, in addition to my regular scrapbooking – it’s part of the process not the only thing I do.) I love the randomness of it, the laid back style, and the flexibility. It gives me a place to document things I don’t really care to create a full 12×12 page layout for. But after doing it for several years now and scaling back every year, this year I’m only doing one spread a month, which will include one extra divided page protector. Today, I am setting up my 2013 album and sorting through the memorabilia I have collected so far this month.

As soon as that is done, I will start working on this:

This pile contains a bunch of random unfinished projects that are taking up too much space on my shelves. I’m so tired of seeing them. Some are layout kits I prepared for online classes. Others are seasonal layouts I just never get around to (I guess I lack inspiration for them so I keep putting them off.) There’s also an 8×8 project album I started two years ago and never finished.

I may not finish them all right away, but I’ll never even get started if they stay on the shelf. I do hope to at least make a dent and work on a few this week and over the upcoming weekend.

So, what are you working on today?

If you want to snoop at more desks (trust me, you want to) just click here!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I’ve been really curious what project life is all about…
    Happy Wednesday

  2. We considered Project Life, a spread per month sounds a good idea, not too much pressure that way. Good luck finishing your projects. Thanks for visiting the bears this week

  3. Your space is so light and bright, Tammy. Love it! Good luck with finishing up your projects. One at a time, right? 🙂

  4. Good luck with the finishing off of projects I think we all have some laying around that we get fed up of seeing. Love you scrap layouts
    Ria #44

  5. What a lovely bright workspace.
    Good luck completing your unfinished projects.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #72

  6. great idea Tammy, getting those kits off the shelf and into the line of vision – it’s amazing how inspiration strikes when you want to move on! I really like your scaled back Pl idea too – almost not at all scarey for the commitment phobes like me…maybe because I just know I won’t finish..I kinda bore myself out of it!

  7. Great organisation,good luck with finishing some of those projects x

  8. ah organisation.. sometimes feel like we spend half our time either organising or looking for something because we aren’t organised.. hah thanks so much for popping over happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #40

  9. Looks like you have some great projects you are working on 🙂
    Love to see your desk, it always has something creative on it 🙂

  10. Hi Tammy! I have stuff too that I haven’t finished and it would be so nice to go back and finish them up as well as all the online classes! Good luck with working on them. 🙂

  11. Looks great!
    Hope you get all your projects done. I guess this is the year of projects. I have not been able to work with anything. Hoping to get it all together soon 🙂

  12. It’s so true that “buried” projects are forgotten projects!!! I have plenty of those too! Good luck and have some fun discovering hidden gems!

    Jeannie #12

  13. It looks like you could get real busy there. I still need to finish up PL 12 and start PL13, but I too have a pile of unfinished business. So much to scrap, so little time!

  14. i am so impressed at how organized you are!! totally amazing!

    i love all your kit projects!! i am crazy like this that if i start a project i HAVE to finish it before i start the next one. like i said i am crazy LOL!

  15. Looks like you have some interesting unfinished projects. I need to work on a few of those, too, but the new job is keeping me busy for now – I had forgotten how long it takes to do lesson plans & grading!

  16. I love your work space – it seems o nice and bright! Mine is always sooo dark! You have decided to do a big job with finishing all those unfinished projects! Good luck with that!!!

  17. I am like you – Project Life is just a small part of what I do. I like the casualness of the Project Life albums myself.
    April #101


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