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Happy first Wednesday of the New Year to you! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. It goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? I finally took all of my decorations down yesterday. Half of me is sad and half of me is energized and all of me is very much looking forward to a new year.

And since it’s Wednesday, I thought I would link up to Julia’s blog today and give you a peek at what’s on my workdesk. I’ve missed the fun for the last few weeks.

Today, I’m working on something a little different. Because I am on a very tight budget right now, jewelry is just not on the list of needs. Feeling deprived, I wandered down the isles of Joann’s and Michael’s when beads were on sale recently. I picked up a few sets and thought I would just make my own! This may become a new obsession…

If you want to take a peek at the desks of other crafter’s around the world, click here!

Thanks for stopping by today! Paper crafting will return later this week.


  1. Looks fun!
    Makes me just want to dig in that bowl and put something together šŸ™‚
    My favorite pieces of jewelry right now are glass necklaces a friend of mine makes!

  2. I was looking at the jewelry stuff at Michaels yesterday, hoping to find something I could make with my OLW. I ended up feeling overwhelmed by it all but they had so many pretty things! Cant wait to see what you make.

  3. How fun!
    Good to know since someone has a birthday coming up!!
    Give me some color hints! šŸ™‚

  4. looks fun…I have some jewelry crafting but it hasn’t been touched in a long time. Brigita #101

  5. Wow you’re so good at the jewellery thing aren’t you they look terrific.
    Thanks for your earlier visit btw.
    Elaine #30

  6. these look lovely, lovely choices of bead. you make it look easy, i think! Well, be warned, you could end up with more beads than you can use..they are very easy to pick up and ‘need’! It’s something I haven’t tried because I’m frightened by the height of another slippery slope!!

    • I love beads but never get around to anything more than things for my grand-daughter! Thanks for your visit, Chris#70

  7. Ooo, look at all of those pretty beads! I haven’t made any jewelry in ages. Maybe I should…:)

  8. Sounds like fun & a great way to incorporate some new accessories on a tight budget!

  9. Who doesn’t love jewelry? And if you can make you’re own – that’s even better!
    April #133

  10. Looks like your having fun šŸ™‚


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