Using Scraps for Layout Foundations

Looking for a way to use up your scraps and to create a quick and easy layout?

I was going through my scrap drawers recently looking for a very specific grey color. As I was pulling out scraps and laying them on the table, it occurred to me how cool all the different sizes looked stacked on top of each other. It reminded me of a tip from one of Shimelle’s classes where she took scraps and built some different page foundations.

Just like that, an idea for a layout was born!

Using Scraps for Layout Foundations from #scrapbooking

All I did was pull out contrasting patterns and start stacking them from largest to smallest on the page. Once the idea took hold, I flipped through some printed photos and found these two of my oldest nephew. From the photos I was able to pull out the accent colors.

Tips for Using Scraps for Layout Foundations from #scrapbooking

Using the same process, I pulled out a few pattern paper scraps from my yellow drawer to finish the background. And since I recently organized more of my embellishments by color, I was able to quickly find all the different aqua items to accent the page. A few journaling cards, a little washi tape, some bling and black paint splatters and my page was complete.

In case you were wondering, the journaling is behind the one of the background mats. I didn’t leave enough room for it on the layout, so I added it to a tag but it slipped below the mat. (Looking for some aqua ribbon to tie to the top now so it won’t get lost!)

When you are short on time and want to put together a layout quickly,  just search through your scrap drawer and start pulling out patterns you love. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the background can come together.

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  1. This looks great – I like the gray & yellow color scheme. I need to clean out my scrap files – they are getting full! I could do a similar layout with each color – FUN!

  2. Great page, I like how your embellishments really anchor down the papers. I just did something similar, wanting to use up the last few pieces of paper in a kit. It does make for some really quick scrapping.

  3. I love this idea for a quick layout!! This is definitely something I could do!!

  4. Love that idea. Awesome layout! Michelle t

  5. This is a great layout and a perfect way to use up those much loved scraps 🙂

  6. Another great layout and super way to use up scraps. Don’t you just love when a page falls into place like this? 🙂

  7. Fun page!
    I love how you taped the bingo cards 🙂


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