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It has been such a long time since I’ve done a Use Your Stash post. It’s definitely time for a new one! I recently created a layout background using gelatos and thought this would be the perfect subject. While there’s been a lot of buzz about them and designers are using them more and more, many crafters are still wary.

Gelatos are pigmented color sticks with a soft texture. They come in a tube like chapstick and the consistency is harder than lipstick but softer than a crayon. You can use them like crayons to apply color to a surface. You can also mix them with water and use them like water colors. They are so much fun to use!

For my use your stash posts, I like to go in search of other layouts and inspiration to show additional examples and ways other crafters have been using the item. Check at the end of this post for additional video resources.

Here are some great ways to use your gelatos:

1. Create Backgrounds

For my layout, I wanted to create a colorful background to showcase some spring flower photos. I just took each gelato and colored in a section of the background. Once the color was down, I took a paint brush with water to spread out the color a bit. And by adding water and forming puddles, I applied my heat tool and pushed the water drops to create the cool drips.

I worked with one section at at time. Applying the color, the water with the brush, and drying with the heat tool before applying the next color.

The finished layout is super colorful. I love the saturated color the gelatos lend to the background. As much as I love pattern paper, it’s fun to create custom backgrounds like this for special layouts.

2. Make Embellishments

I love, love this idea from Wilna. Over on 2 Peas, she shared this layout using gelatos to create her own super sized enamel dots.

Source: Two Peas In A Bucket Check out Wilna’s video!

3. Painting with Gelatos and mixing them with other Mediums

In this project over at the Simon Says Stamp blog, Shari Carroll watered down her gelao colors to color in the message on the front of the card. Then she added one color to Faber Castell Glaze to get a really cool effect on the inside flap.

Source:Β Simon Says Stamp blog Check out Shari’s video!

4. Adding Color to Pattern Paper

Ever have a piece of pattern paper and you want to add a pop of color? I love this idea from Mou over at the Design Memory Craft blog. She added some gelato color to a pattern paper background with a wet brush over gesso to get a cool wash of color.

Source:Β Design Memory Craft blog

5. Mixing Mist colors

Who doesn’t love a tool that can perform double duties? Mieko shared this cool idea on the Design Memory Craft blog. She took the silver metallic gelato and mixed it with water and added it to a Mini-Mister to create her own mist color.

Source:Β Design Memory Craft blog

6. Coloring Embossed Backgrounds

Last, I have shared this idea in a previous post, but wanted to revisit the topic. Gelatos are perfect for adding color to the raised background created by embossing folders.

I love how the white looks on the kraft paper. And the lighter colors (especially the metallics) show up great on black paper.

In addition, I always find videos to be helpful when trying something new. The links below are all freely available videos showing a variety of gelato techniques.

  • Designing with Gelatos – Design Memory Craft – a fantastic video showing a variety of different gelato techniques along with this gelato set
  • Designing with Gelatos – with Limor Webber – an hour long class showing even more techniques. She shares a lot of information as she works on the different surfaces.
  • Drip Techniques with Gelatos – with Donna Downey – Donna showcases why a surface painted with gesso provides the perfect backdrop for a dripping gesso technique
  • And last, two more videos from Wilna showing more ways to use gelatos on scrapbooking layouts. This one is for Studio Calico and she shows a fun technique combining glaze and gesso with the gelato colors. And then this one is for Two Peas where Wilna uses bright gelato colors on a black chalkboard background.

I hope that these ideas help you get your gelatos off the shelf and onto some new projects!

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  1. Such beautiful ideas and examples, Tammy!

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve pulled out my gelatos. Cheri challenged us to play this week, so maybe I’ll pull them out this afternoon & create a background. Thanks for the ideas & inspiration.

  3. Such a pretty layout, Tammy! I don’t have any gelatos, but you’ve definitely provided a lot of great ideas and resources!

  4. I bought my gelatos about a month ago and I am loving them! My next project is to make a couple mists since I don’t have any of them and I can’t wait. Beautiful layout and thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas. Michelle t

  5. whoa your stuff is amazing! i dont have any gelatos but I want some now!!! you rock!

  6. Gorgeous layout! Such a great post, thanks for all the links and tutorials!

  7. Such a pretty layout, it screams Spring to me πŸ™‚
    I have yet to try my hand at gelatos, looks like a lot of fun

  8. What an awesome post! I love, love your background!! πŸ™‚ Evie

  9. What great tips and examples!!

  10. Love the layout. It looks like something in an art journal πŸ™‚ very nice!!!

  11. All great ideas – super projects too. Great post!

  12. fabulous layout and such a great roundup of ideas!!!


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