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I love my punches. Even as a Silhouette owner, I still reach for my punches more than I hook up the electronic die cutter. But I am picky. I tend to buy generic patterns that I can use over and over. And I never thought I needed the type that you can use anywhere on the page.

But in a weak moment I signed up for one of those auto ship deals at HSN to get some cool Martha Stewart border and corner punches. (I think these designs are exclusive to HSN  but you can find a good selection of these punches at both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.) Along with the sets came an anywhere punch. I’m embarrassed to say I have had these things for months (a year?) and have never used them. Until now.

Try it: Martha Stewart Punch All Over Page Punches

I wanted to make a border along the bottom of my page, alternating the negative space (the Martha anywhere punch) and with the medallion punched shape on foam tape. I used a ruler to mark off the paper in thirds to find where the center of the punch should go. The punches essentially landed where I wanted them but even though the magnets holding the paper are really strong, the paper tends to shift as the magnets come together. It’s not my favorite layout ever but the point was to try something new. Two more photos and some more travel memories can go in my Europe album!

In my second layout, I wanted to make embellishments with the punches. I had this page with a variety of photos from my years in Nashville and I wanted something small to tuck into a few spots. At first I thought I would punch the shape and use my paper trimmer to cut the shape into a square. But then I got creative and wondered if my Flourish Square punch would be big enough to punch out the image. Turns out, it was the perfect size.

Other: MME So Sophie and Stella & Rose pattern papers, AC Delight Thickers, AC Getty Remarks stickers, Silhouette SD, MS Medallion punch, misc embellishments.

Not all of my ideas worked. I also tried to use these punches to create a window in a card. It was a fail. Not because I couldn’t get it to punch, but because it was really hard to get a punch directly in the center. I marked and lined up the punch directly in the center of my card but the actual punch was a quarter of an inch too far to the right and crooked. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist? It just didn’t look right and I don’t want to ruin a bunch of cards trying to get a punch in the center.

I also tried a border design about an inch into a 12×12 sheet of paper. These punches have the design printed on all 4 corners so that you can line up the punch edges and repeat the punch just like you would with a border punch. I was not able to make it work. I was careful to line my paper to the image exactly, but by the fifth punch in the row, they were going down the paper at a funny angle. The more punches I added, the more angled it got. I just couldn’t get a straight row of interlocking punches to work.  Another fail.


The premise sounds good – use this punch anywhere on the page. Make a window in the center of your card. Create your own lace paper by repeating this punch all over the page. Add a punch to the middle of your 12×12 paper (though I’m not sure why you’d want to do this…). But in practice, it’s not easy to create that all over the page lace design. Even when you line it up exactly, my experience is that the paper shifts and things proceed at a funny angle.


I was much more successful with these punches when I thought outside of the box and asked myself, what else can I do with them? I love the double punching idea and will be trying this with other designs and shapes. I am also going to try a more random design of punches all over the page – not measuring them! – to see what I can come up with. While I may not use these punches all the time, they do provide some variety.

Have you ever tried these punches that allow you to punch anywhere on the page? How are you using them?

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  1. Punch perfectionist, that made me laugh! I think your ideas, and layouts, turned out great! The two punch idea is awesome, love it! I have issues with my punches too, but sometimes they are fabulous, and much easier to get too.

    • Anytime! 🙂

  2. I fall into the punch perfectionist category too. LOL! I think both of these turned out beautifully! Fun that you can punch into the page and create an embellishment too.

    • So glad I’ve got good company! 🙂

  3. I haven’t tried them yet and have actually been on the fence about buying a few.
    Just want to make sure I would use them or really “need” them.
    Appreciate your review!
    I had the same trouble with “background” acrylic stamps that were square shape. Really hard to line them up!

    And great layouts, too 🙂

  4. lots of info on these punches- thanks so much! i have been interested in them but have been nervous on them. super post!!

  5. Love how you used the punches, thanks for your insights 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried these punches (& this might be the first time I’ve seen them) – very interesting.

    Now I wonder why you haven’t used these in months (a year?) – what could you have been doing, selling a house, packing, moving to a new state, finding a new place, unpacking etc, etc, :>)

    • LOL! Thank you Melissa, that made me laugh. I guess I have been a bit busy. 🙂

  7. I’ve looked at these punches but haven’t bought them. After reading your review I think I’ll keep on passing. The LO’s look great though, very creative!

  8. I have one and its the star one. Lots of little stars. I used it once. Maybe I need to raid my punch drawer and dig that one out.

    Love the border you created.

  9. I thought they were wonders to behold, esp. for windows in cards. Not as easy as we are told. Glad to hear it’s not just me.

  10. I’ve never tried these as I wasn’t sure I totally “understood” – LOL! I do like what you have done with them and so appreciate the tips!

  11. I like the “Nashville” element. That is really neat. I may have to look into getting a Silhouette.

  12. I appreciate the review. I don’t own any punch anywhere products, so this is great information. I also reach for my punches often, even though my Slice is sitting right there!

  13. Great layouts as always.
    I like the way you used it as double punching.
    Nope this is one tool I don’t own….yet, teehee.

  14. I have these in other shapes. I am not that impressed either. They do shift easily, it’s not you! I really only use them to make shapes, not to create windows in a page. Oh well. Back to the cameo!


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