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Ah, glitter. It’s so pretty and sparkly. I love how it looks. I have vials of the stuff in many different colors. But I don’t use it.

Honestly, I just don’t enjoy the mess. When you pour that stuff – even when you work on scrap paper and pour the extra right back in the jar – it still gets all over everything within a 3 foot radius. No matter how hard you try to contain it.

But that did not stop me from picking up this American Crafts Macaw DIY Thickers set. I am a sucker for anything customizable. Glitter is just one of the materials you can use to cover them, but since it’s one thing I never use, I thought it was a good place to start.

Try it: Glitter

Because there is so much blue in my photos, I decided to use a yellow background to bring in the sunshine you know is there, but you don’t see. I was inspired by a layout that Amy Heller shares in her online workshop, Through the Kaleidoscopic at Two Peas in a Bucket. To get a little more pop of color, I choose some contrasting red and green accents. I usually take my color cues from the photos or from the pattern paper I am using. It was fun to try something new and be intentional with the colors I picked.

I had the perfect shade of blue from a glitter set from Doodlebug that I’ve had forever. I wanted the word “chill” to be in blue to play off the coolness from the water in the photos.

The DIY Thickers have a paper on the top of each letter that you peel off to expose the adhesive. Pour your medium on (you could use thick chunkier glitter, flocking, glitter glass or even microbeads on these letters) and ooh and ahh at the transformation. I pressed firmly on top of each letter to ensure the glitter was sticking. My non-stick craft sheet came in really handy for this. The surface is non-stick so I can put my stickers on there and not be worried that they will adhere to the surface. Plus, it held the excess glitter so I was able to pour it back into the jar after I removed my letters.

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I was worried that the adhesive on the alphabet wouldn’t be strong enough to keep the glitter in place. But after keeping this finished layout on my table for several days, I’m pretty happy with how little glitter has escaped. And aside from how easy these stickers made the glitter application, I love anything that allows you to customize it to fit your product.

Take Away:

Just because it’s messy is not a good enough reason to keep pretty colors of glitter off my pages. It’s time to get over the aversion to the clean up and start working with this rainbow of sparkly goodness more often.

So what about you and glitter? Do you love it or pass on it?

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  1. The yellow really makes your photos pop. Such a fun page! Glitter is a swear word in my house. LOL! It’s just not allowed.

  2. love this… such a fun summer layout and I love the High5 photo.. hehe thanks for sharing. hugs

  3. I love how you brought the sun in with the yellow paper!! So smart!! Those Thickers are super cool! I do it the old fashioned way with a Cricut and a Xyron! Ha!

  4. Great job with the layouts. The glitter letters came out great. Good to know the alphas are sticky enough because they don’t stick so well to my paper after awhile, lol

  5. I love me some glitter and love what you did here!

  6. Cute page, LOVE the bright colors. 🙂 Love me some glitter as well!

  7. Nice fun, bright layout. I will share a secret…I only glitter on the patio…LOL

  8. I love this layout! I tried those thickers at CHA and would love to find some in a local store. I love being able to customize my alphas!

  9. I just love visiting your blog! You always have such a great variety of fun stuff going on here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Nice page! I just love Amy’s color class, and have watched the videos several times. I’m not a glitter girl, but I did enjoy seeing how you use it on the Thickers.

  11. Great layout, looks like it was a fun day.
    As for glitter, I don’t seem to use it that much.

  12. I love to hear about how you chose items for your layout. I don’t avoid glitter (or much of anything) because the process is messy. I avoid it because I don’t want it coming off afterwards. . .in my albums etc.

  13. What a great page. I love those photos. So fun. The yellow and red work really well together. I’ve never used glitter. (Gasp.) But I love how you’ve used it!

  14. oh i really need to try these thickers! thanks for sharing this!!!!!


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