This Month In Photos | September 2012

I have been in the habit of posting some every day life photos every month. Just to provide a little photo inspiration to any of my fellow project lifers out there.

This month finds me doing more volunteer work. I wish I could share photos but I’m volunteering for a political campaign. When registering a voter the other day he asked me which one. I smiled and said “I’d rather make friends than talk about politics.” Politics in this country are so divisive I just don’t like to talk about it for fear of an argument erupting. I like to register voters because it’s non-partisan. Everyone should vote! I respect everyone’s beliefs even if our views differ and I’ll just leave it at that.

Without further ado, here are a few photos from September:

The flowers are still blooming in Florida!

Power smoothie for a morning full of errands.

Fall is coming. Even to Florida.

More fall decorating.

Pretty mums at the grocery store. But I can't keep plants alive so I passed.

Is it just wishful thinking or are these leaves turning color???

During my recent rut, I created some kits knowing the creative impulse would come back. Eventually.

Crazy hurricane-like storm one night but I wasn't able to really capture the deluge.

The rain trees are starting to bloom.

Pretty colors in the sky at sunset.

Because I have been doing more volunteer work, it is a logical conclusion that I have not been hired yet. I am still searching for that professional, decent paying job. I have gotten involved in the Central Florida unemployed networking community and it’s uncovered some good leads. There are jobs out there, I am just too over qualified for most of them and no one is willing to under employ me.

I’m actually starting to think with the holidays coming up, I may just get a job at Michael’s or Joann’s for the season. Hmmm, an employee discount perhaps??? It would be OK for a few months, but is by no means a long term solution. But maybe after the election there will be more hiring going on. One can hope!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely pictures this month. A lot of my plants down here in Texas are just starting to bloom b/c the heat is finally going down (a little). Hope the job hunt goes well, good luck!

  2. Lovely pics!
    Wouldn’t it be a dream to work in a craft store? I dream of that sometimes. As you say, “employee discount”. That’s what we’re after, right? ;D
    Well, joking aside – good luck job hunting! It’s no fun being unemployed. :/

  3. Such great pictures! I have a hard time with plants too, but especially mums. The thought of an employee discount is so intriguing!!! 🙂

  4. Lots and lots of great photos, Tammy!
    And I am with you! I am so over politics and refuse to talk about it.
    Even going so far as to block some Facebook Friends from my feed for now.
    But will definitely vote 🙂

  5. Where did the month go? I just looked at the date and begain to wonder where the time goes. Still have things on my to do list!!!

    Great photos. I know if you are not taking photos you are gathering other items to help document the volunteering!!!

    I agree GO VOTE people!!

  6. Those are beautiful photos. I love your fall decor 🙂
    Good luck on the job front….I think working in a creative atmosphere would be fun.

  7. Great photos of your month Tammy! I hope the wait for a good job ends soon – I know you must be ready. I think something temporary for the holidays might be a good idea & an employee discount where scrapbook supplies are sold would be just a little icing on the cake!

  8. Your photos of the months are just gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. Good luck with your continuing job search. I love that you are volunteering in the meantime. I share your view on politics – don’t like discussing it much, just content to encourage everyone to vote!

  10. Beautiful collection of photos, Tammy! Nice to see flowers blooming and beautiful skies. 🙂 What is a rain tree?

  11. oh what awesome photos this month tammy!!


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