This Month In Photos | June 2012

I am making it a habit to post a few photos every month. June has been quiet as I apply for jobs and wait for call backs and interviews. There are some exciting opportunities, so any good job vibes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!

These photos are far from exciting, but that’s kind of why I love them. Life keeps rolling on! And I have been having fun getting reacquainted with Orlando and seeing friends I haven’t see in years.  It’s good to be home.

A few photos from June:

New routine - walking 2 blocks to get the mail everyday.

Getting everything changed over to Florida. I can vote in November!

Trying to eat more veggies. Love my summer salads!

Frozen banana slices + peanut butter + chocolate = yummy afternoon pick-me-up!

This was a major splurge. When did coffee get so expensive????

Tropical Storm Debby clouds rolling in.

Apparently, my neighbors don't like to swim when it's raining.

Happy mail!

For something new, I am experimenting with I’m late to the party, I know. I’m not a big fan of all the grungy filters (I like grunge in my music or on my paper – not in my photos!) so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I do like the square photos and I have found a few filters that are acceptable. Becky Higgins has announced she’s got new page protectors coming for square photos so it was time to get with the program. I’m hoping this will encourage me to take more iPhone photos when I’m out and about.

When there's shopping to be done, a little tropical storm won't stop me!

Hobby Lobby has Christmas up in June. Yeah...way too early for me!

What kinds of photos are you taking this month?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. fun photos! I have just started on the Instagram band wagon too – it’s fun! Sending good job vibes your way!

  2. wonderful photos this month tammy! i don’t like seeing the christmas decorations out- it isn’t even the 4th of july! LOL!

  3. Great photos Tammy! I’m drinking my coffee right now 🙂 Mike works for a coffee company and one of the perks is a nice little discount on our K cups! I love that he can feed at least one of my habits! Haha! I love the square photos too from Instagram, but I have an Android phone and can’t figure out an easy way to print them just yet 🙁

  4. Looks like an interesting month! Those are the best kind! Great shots!

  5. I love all your pics! Looks like you got some great new scrappy stuff!

  6. Sending prayers your way for the perfect job opportunity!!! I’ve actually applied to teach a few classes at our local Christian high school & am waiting to hear.

    Our Hobby Lobby is not only putting out Christmas stuff, but also rearranging the store & narrowing the aisles (presumably so they can put out more Christmas stuff)! WAY TOO EARLY – it’s 100+ degrees out everyday!

  7. Hoping that the perfect job comes your way!!
    I am trying to do something similar each month with photos. I am posting them to my private blog for my husband. But am also going to do a project life type album with them. Monthly instead of weekly.
    And I do like Instagram, but only a few of the filters. I find myself using the same three over and over 🙂

  8. Nice photos! I think you need a month like this after all the moving, etc. I just started on Instagram very recently, still trying to figure out how it fits into my photo-taking schema.

  9. Of course sending job vibes your way! I hope you get something very soon!

  10. I didn’t like instagram since it posted your photos among other people. Or maybe that was my misunderstanding??
    I would love to print my photos directly from my phone instead of emailing them to myself then printing.

    Great photos!!

  11. I know the perfect job is right around the corner! Yea for voting! I have Instagram, but haven’t used it yet. But I’m taking all my photos with my iPhone now. Such good quality!



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