This Month In Photos | February 2012

Project Life has really exploded this year. With the rise in popularity of the project comes greater acceptance. I know it’s not for everyone and I personally will never give up scrapbooking and making layouts, but I love what this kind of documenting adds to my life.

One of the biggest challenges to this kind of project is coming up with new ideas for photos to take. If anyone should have trouble taking photos on a weekly basis, it should be me — single, currently unattached, with no children and no pets. But I don’t. I always manage to take photos of something. Half the battle is having your camera within reach.

Are all of my photos super interesting? No. But I don’t care. It’s not what the photos are about, it’s that I take the time to take photos period. And the more you look for things to take photos of, the quicker you will see things in your every day life to capture.

Here are a few images I captured this month:

Closing on my house.

Boots and long jeans - neither will be needed in Florida!

The only real snowfall this year.

Seat warmers in my car - another thing that won't get used in Florida!

My ID badge on my desk at my (temporary) job, right after lunch.

Progress on my hexagon afghan.

Cool sky colors in the early morning.

Trip to Walmart.

My license plate - soon to change!

A rare sunny, warm winter day with the window open.

Please know that I am not a photographer – obviously. I am not trained, my composition might be good for some photos and off for others and  I rarely find good light. The iPhone photos are not very focused and the point and shoot photos are grainy half the time. Not the best shots. But that means my images are perfectly imperfect, just like life.

I will try to share more images every month…just in case my photos can spark some ideas out there for some of you!

BTW – A lot of bloggers are sharing their Project Life progress every week. If you are ever looking for ideas all in one place, check out Jessica Turner’s Project Life linky party every Tuesday.

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  1. as another single, childless and petless scrapper I totally agree with you – I always have a camera with me and really enjoy the glimpses of normal life like the ones you recorded for Feb. I’m envious of the afghan blanket – looks a lovely project

  2. oh i love your photos! very fun! so far i haven’t had any trouble with photos either. i am having so much fun!

  3. Tammy, thanks for sharing your last few days of TN life! I so agree that this Project Life has explored…thanks for the reminder to take everyday pics….need to do that more often 🙂

  4. Great pictures!! How simple they may seem they tell so much about someone’s life 🙂

  5. I had so much fun looking at these pictures! What a great post! So fun to see the ordinary moments. That blanket you are working on is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Its so much fun to capture the little things that really tell about your life. I am always taking pictures of random things, but the people in my life are used to it by now! Although I did get some odd looks from coworkers when I was taking pictures of my coffee cup!

  7. I have to ask only because I do it…When in the grocery store you only had one recycle bag, did you plan to buy less than you did 🙂 I do that all the time 🙂

    I like the work desk photo I am going to have to do that once in a while since it will probably change soon!

  8. Great photos! I’m still working on taking pictures of the everyday 🙂

  9. Love how you are documenting the things that are soon to change. Love those hexagons on your blanket!!

  10. Great photos! Love your afghan and the way you are already in a Florida state of mind!

  11. I love your photos and yes please do share more of them.
    I too take photos of the oddest things. Everyone now just accepts it, lol.
    I would love those seat warmers here 🙂



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