This Month in Photos | August 2012

I have been in the habit of posting some every day life photos every month. Just to provide a little photo inspiration to any of my fellow project lifers out there.

I must sound like a broken record, but August was another month of interviews and disappointment. Sigh. It is really hard to keep up the enthusiasm with so much rejection. But I will persevere. The job hunt continues…

Without further ado, here are a few photos from August:

Lake Eola. I was downtown for an interview and had time to wander around the lake.

I had apples getting old in the fridge so apple crisp was a priority!

And still more apples to fry up for pancakes on a Sunday morning.

A balmy 81 degrees. At 8:42 in the morning. Lovely hot summer.

It’s dangerous to get an oil change at the dealership. So easy to want a new car…

Doing a manicure while blogging.

A brand new urban Super Target downtown???? Sweet!

A cool water feature at yet another interview.

Much needed distraction.

Happy Anniversary to my awesome parents who just celebrated their 45th year. Wow.

What kinds of photos are you taking this month?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. what fabulous photos!!

    my flower on my card today was a large sticker!

  2. I always check your blog for inspiration, and thought it was very cool that you were part of Scrapbook Update’s noteworthy for the week!!

    • Thanks Robin! I appreciate that. 🙂

  3. Great photos.
    My dream is to go to the Cheese cake factory….yup I have big dreams in life, lol.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents 🙂
    Good luck in the job hunt. I can understand how frustrating it must be, but the perfect one will come along.

  4. I really enjoyed looking through your photos. The food ones made me hungry. LOL!

  5. Terrific photos, yes to cheesecake factory and yes to fried applies for breakfast,yum

  6. Love the photos!!
    I have been trying to take more photos. I forget I have my camera with me and use my phone instead. Not crazy about the quality of the phone photos. I should learn!!!

  7. I have not taken many photos at all this month compared to most months this year, but I did get some great shots the one day my nieces were in town! That apple crisp looks delicious & you’ve certainly seen captured some nice photos while interviewing. I know it’s tough looking for a job – sending prayers & rooting for you from Texas! Hang in there!!

    • Thank you. It can be so discouraging…….

  8. So sorry about the job search!
    Hopefully it just means the right one is out there, but isn’t quite ready for you.
    Soon though!

    Love that Super Target 🙂

  9. super fun photos! hope things start looking up on the job front 🙂

  10. I so know how hard the process is to find a job! Rejection sucks! But the day will come….I know it will! Keep your spirits up. Do something nice for yourself. Even something small….I bought a new set of pens and a Moleskine notebook. 🙂 Love that apple crisp. My fav!


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