This Month In Photos | April 2012

April was a slow photo taking month. I was super busy running over to Orlando often, trying to find a place to rent. Should have stuck the camera in the car but kept forgetting to do it. I know May will be a much more exciting month as I settle into my new place!

I get the keys to the place today and will take over my first load of stuff. Movers unload my storage container on Wednesday and Dad and I will unload my small storage container on Thursday. Whew….it’s almost over!

April photos:

Much needed rain shower.

Current book on the nightstand.

Highest price I have ever paid for gas. Ever.

Friday night concert at a nearby club.

Mom's BINGO bag. Bingo is BIG around here.

Great color combo found at Target.

It's late spring, so the lovebugs are swarming.

Putting a pedicure on my to-do list. After the move.

Love seeing hibiscus everywhere again. Photo by Nichole.

Crafting supplies packed again and ready to move!

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  1. Cool! You are heading to Orlando. 🙂 We live right by Maitland just north a few exits on I-4 from Downtown. I hear you on the gas and love bugs. Luckily it seems gas is falling a bit. 🙂

  2. great photos!!oh i need the 2nd installment of the nora robers trilogy! this is going to be my first summer read! then she has a another new book- i think the witness and can’t wait for that one!!!

  3. Fun photos for April! 🙂
    I love Nora Roberts and haven’t read that one yet!

  4. Tammy, congrats on finding a place! How exciting will May be?! Great pictures – that rain storm is something else. Good luck with the smooth transition!

  5. So excited that you are almost moved into your new place! I’m sure it will be fantastic!

  6. Every time I’m in Florida we get rained on and its the most impressive rain ever! Thunder, lightning and rain the size of golf balls. Glad the move is going well!

  7. Ah, we need a rain shower like that. My car is beyond dirty. I’m surprised I haven’t got a “wash me” finger drawing on my car yet.

    What are those things in your bingo bag?

  8. I hope the move in goes well Tammy!

  9. Ok I am excited to see we are reading the same book!!! I didn’t like the Map of Time book so I returned it to the library. We will have to compare notes!!!

    Love the photos!

  10. Great pictures for this month! Just think, you’ll be fitting those into Project Life soon! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to get all settled. I’m really cracking up about the Bingo bag!

  11. Hooray for finding a new place! I love moving into a new place and finding spots for everything….starting fresh, endless possibilities….a great feeling! 🙂 I haven’t taken many photos lately either. I wanted to play along with Ali Edwards’ Week in a Life, but it didn’t work out. I hope the move goes well!

  12. So happy your settling in again.
    Love your photos. I have to say your moms Bingo bag rocks, so cool.

  13. Great photos! Have fun settling in to the new digs. 🙂


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