The Martha Stewart Punch Set You Need To Have

When Martha Stewart came out with scrapbooking products, I’m pretty sure I laughed. She may be the queen of crafting, home making and do-it-yourself, I was fairly certain she wouldn’t be so hip about scrapbooking products.

But love her or hate her (I know there are strong feelings all around) she’s created a very successful line of scrapbooking products. I’ve never been crazy about the paper or embellishments, but the punches caught my eye. And after I purchased the first one, I’ll admit to being won over! I’m consistently impressed with the intricacies of their designs.

Are you ready for some enabling? Let me share with you my most recent acquisition:

It’s called Framed Dots and it’s my first Punch-Around-The-Page set. I have several of the border punches that have a corner punch too, but I just didn’t think I’d use the corners enough to justify the added expense. But I had to have this one.

As I was standing in the store looking at this set, I could envision this:

Oh yes! The tiny holes are the perfect template for stitching.

With these punches, you can cut your paper to specific smaller sizes and still get the punches to line up. I cut a piece of cardstock to 5×5 and got this:

I love this look too! My head is now spinning with all kinds of ideas for stitching with this punched design. If you are looking for a new punch set (or need something to use that coupon on!) I can highly recommend this punch set. Oh come on, you know you need it!

Do you have a favorite Martha Stewart punch or punch set?

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  1. Oh that is adorable Tammy! Love how you stitched the paper. I haven’t tried any of her larger punches, but I do love the ones I have; two small butterflies, one larger butterfly, a snowflake and a heart! x

  2. OH-MY-GOODNESS! This is genius! Love what you did here!

    I only have her two butterfly punches, but this has definitely got me thinking!

  3. oh tammy this is wonderful!!!!

  4. I love this punch. I need to figure out how to work the one I have first though. I can’t seem to get the corners and sides to match up. Any tips?

  5. I have one set of Punch Around the Pages and once I figured out how to use it (!), I really like it. So far I’ve resisted buying any more, but may give in on this one, especially if I can find it at JoAnn’s and use my 40% off coupon!

  6. I’m not a big fan of Martha Stewart, but I love those punches! And I love the stitching you did. Very cool!

  7. I was almost to scared to scroll down, lol. But I have these punches 🙂
    I would never have thought about using the holes to thread through. Great Idea.
    Mind you even though I do needle work and x stitching, I am not one to sew on my layouts or cards. But this I am so going to try 🙂

    As for Martha Stewart, I am not a crazy fan, but I do enjoy her, she is very creative. Actually I like her way more then Oprah. Don’t care for her to much. I know boo hiss to me, lol

  8. Tammy, I have had this punch set for a while now (I’ll admit to an addiction), and I really love using it. But now your genius has added to my love of it! I don’t think I would have thought of using the holes for stitching, but I will be doing that very soon. Thanks for a great idea. 🙂


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