Tags Of Inspiration | March 2014

It’s the end of another month. Oh where does the time go? It was another whirlwind of a month for me. I had a super busy weekend, but luckily, enough time to finish up a few inspiration tags in time to get them posted on this last day of March.

(What are my Tags of Inspiration? Here’s my original post if you missed it and want the full details. I am simply making these tags as a trigger. They remind me of my tools, different embellishments, color palettes, border treatments, techniques to add to a page, etc… They are not exactly meant to be works of art  — some are much prettier than others — they simply provide me with inspiration if needed, when I’m working on a project.)

Inspiration ideas:

  • Gesso is a great glitter adhesive
  • Use gesso with stamps
  • Yellow + Mint + Pink = fun spring palette

Inspiration ideas:

  • Run vellum through a polka dot embossing folder for fun texture
  • Use more purple
  • Sometimes a simple sentiment is all that is needed

Inspiration ideas:

  • Add water drops to distress ink to get that cool reaction
  • A few sequins here and there add a tiny bit of sparkle
  • Navy is a great neutral to balance with brighter colors

Just three tags this month. Maybe I will have time for more next time.

If all goes well, I will be back later this week with a layout. I have had so many events the past couple of weeks that I making a point not to schedule anything after work this week until Friday. Hopefully I will be feeling creative enough after work to finish up the layout on my desk.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. These are beautiful, Tammy! I always look forward to seeing your tags. I love them all, but I think the first one is my favorite. :)

  2. Love what you are doing with these tags..such great reminders. They are all so pretty!

  3. I love your tags and so look forward to them. Very pretty, and creative too. Thanks for the tip about the gesso. So helpful to know. Enjoy your week and coming weekend. Michelle t

  4. love the tags!
    I agree where did the month go?

  5. I always look forward to your tag posts!
    They are so pretty with great technique ideas. I need to get my hands on some gesso soon. Everywhere I have tried has been out!

    • It was out everywhere I looked too. I finally picked up a bottle of Martha Stewart’s Gesso at Michaels. Not sure it’s the best quality, but it’s been fine for the few projects I’ve tried.

  6. Gesso+glitter?? Love that idea! Does the gesso wash off the stamps easily? Love the distress inks with water too :)

    • Yes! It was fine. It does dry quickly, so don’t let the gesso sit on the stamp. I wiped off the excess with a wet wipe immediately then ran the stamp under water. It all came right off. No problem. :)

  7. Fun tags! Hope you find some crafty time in the evenings this week!

  8. So cute. I like your idea of the water drops. And I always forget the impact that adding a dimensional element inside a flower can have. Nicely done.

  9. Your tags turned out wonderfully.
    The embossed butterflies are so pretty.


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