Setting Up For 2013

Now that I have been firmly established in my crafting space in my tiny condo, I have realized something about how I create: Out of sight, out of mind.

Back when I had a big scrapbook room in my house, all of my stuff was on display all the time. Anything I might want to work with was within arm’s reach or I could see it. When I see something, it reminds me to use it.

Now, most of my scrapbook stuff lives in a closet away from my crafting space. While it’s all very important to me, so is a living room that functions as a living room where I can invite people over. Same with the dining table. We can’t eat on a table covered in scrapbooking supplies. No food allowed around pretty paper! So 75% of my scrapbooking stuff is tucked away most of the time.

Back to my discovery about my creating process — if something is within reach, I’ll use it. So when I had my embossing folders out the other day, the idea came to me: why not whip up a bunch of these in colors you use all the time?

This serves two purposes for me: 1. I can keep them in my work space and that will increase the chance that I will actually use them. That’s why I used colors I turn to all the time. Now, I don’t have to get out a bunch of stuff just to make a quick background. 2. If I don’t have something in this stack that will work, it reminds me to walk over to the closet and get my embossing folders out rather than just using whatever is at hand. And did I mention I used up a bunch of scraps? I think that’s important enough to be reason 3.

And once I got started on this idea, I couldn’t stop.

Why not cut some shapes I use all the time – hearts, flowers, tags, squares, circles – and run them through embossing folders now? I’ll put them in a container on my table. I may use them, I may not. At the very least I have some fun embellishment possibilities.

And since I was going through my scraps, I thought it would be great to make some extras and cut them down to fit the divided page protectors for Project Life. That lead to getting out my stamps and embossing powders too. If I have one out, I might as well get the other out and just go to town!

And that lead to rummaging through my pattern paper scraps and pre-cutting some favorite patterns so they will be ready to go when I need them. I’m not buying a Project Life core kit this year (or at least I didn’t intend to but now that so many new designs and style are coming out, I may not be able to resist…) but I know how important it is to just be able to grab cards when you work on spreads.

So you see, even though I didn’t create a specific project, I feel like I was really productive. I’m trying to set myself up to use more of my stash and use up more of my scraps at the same time. A worthy goal for 2013!

Do you have any scrapbooking/paper crafting goals for 2013?

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  1. That is a worthy goal. I too am tempted by the new cherry edition of Project Life, I think it is new anyway. But since I still have way over half of my Clementine kit left, I think I will just try to mix it up like you did with scraps. Once I get the studio back together I’ll be back here to refresh my memory on all the things you have done. Good for you for preparing – I’m sure you’ll save gobs of time later on.

  2. My list for CHA this time around is quite a bit smaller than in the past. So looking forward to using supplies on hand. Still not sure about doing PL. I have the album and Protectors, and would probably just use up stash instead of buying a kit!

  3. Great scrappy goal!
    Mine is (at least try) to scrap a little faster, I’m the slowest ever….

  4. wow that is awesome!! super idea- I am not doing PL this year- I am taking a year off – i just don’t have the time to keep up with it. 🙁
    this looks so awesome

  5. I work the exact same way. It took me awhile to figure it out, but if I can see it, I’ll use it. It doesn’t always make for the most attractive of rooms, but it does make for a productive scrapper/crafter! I love what you’ve done here! It’s such a great idea and I could see myself doing something like this as well. As for goals this year, I don’t really have any. I take it one day at a time 😉

  6. I agree, out of sight is out of mind and this is a great way to keep things close at hand and actually use them 🙂

  7. Using up stash is fun, and you have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I agree I was not planning on buying or doing a project life but the new kits are wonderful! I may buy one for next year?!?

    I love using scraps and getting everything lined out. I love what you did with the stamps!!

  9. I am very good at using and prepping scraps for later use, never thought about embossing. Fab idea

  10. This sounds like a perfect project for when I want to do something crafty, but don’t want to think too hard. I’ve got plenty of embossing folders and dies, thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Great idea to remind you on what you have.

  12. What a great idea. Thanks so much Tammy!

  13. It looks like you were not only productive, but had some fun with all those pretty papers, too. My plan is to work (or re-work) through the classes I’ve purchased the past few years.



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