Scrapbooking Can Be Easier

I don’t know about you, but if I get excited about doing something, there is no stopping me. Years ago, I was visiting a friend in Texas and she showed me how she was combining her photos, memorabilia and stories in a scrapbook. I’m sure I was calm at the time, but on the plane home, I could barely contain the excitement.

I couldn’t get to the craft store fast enough! I loaded up on paper, decorative edge scissors, stickers and anything else I could get my hands on. I set up a card table in my living room, sorted the stuff of my life in chronological order and went to work.

Scrapbooking was right up my alley. It was a solution that I didn’t know I was looking for. And it made so much sense! My memorabila was wasting away in static-cling albums. My photos were scattered in 3-up albums. And I had always kept journals. The idea of being able to include my concert ticket stubs along with photos of the event and my own commentary on one page was…sheer brilliance! Life altering even.

I didn’t have a clue about what I was getting myself into. It was 1999,  my life was crazy busy and I didn’t have spare time to start an all-consuming hobby. But that’s exactly what I did.

Most of us start scrapbooking for some of the same reasons: we have photographs to showcase, memories to preserve and children’s lives (and our own) to document. When you start out, you don’t much care about the products or design. You just have fun and produce a bunch of layouts that showcase memories.

But what happens when life starts to get in the way? If the photos start to pile up, products go unused and you feel like you are failing as the family historian, the guilt will set in. If scrapbooking feels like one more chore on the list, there is zero motivation to do it.

For a hobby that is supposed to be fun, it sure can cause some stress. Early on, one of my biggest mistakes was trying to do too much. Too many techniques on one layout. Too many photos on one layout. Too many stickers on one layout. I finally realized that my method for putting layouts together was far more complicated than it needed to be.

It took a few years, but once I started to break down the process and figure out what worked for me and what didn’t, I was able to turn a hobby into an essential part of my everyday life.

And that’s exactly what Your Memory Connection is all about – ideas, solutions and strategies for making scrapbooking easier. If you are looking for ways to work more scrapbooking into your busy life, you are in the right place!

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