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I have a quick tip for you today.

One of the things that helps me scrapbook faster and keeps me organized at the same time is this tool tray that I keep within arm’s reach, on my table in my scraproom.

If you don’t have a dedicated room where you can keep things out, just use any kind of plastic storage container with a lid. That will keep all of your things together when you need them, but you can still put them away when you don’t.


I keep this tray full of all the things I’m constantly reaching for. Like adhesives, wet glue, photo splits and tape runner. I also keep my Xyron sticker maker right there along with my Tiny Attacher.

A smaller bin contains different odds and ends chalk inks, craft knifes, a corner rounder, and a gum eraser. I actually poke a needle and a push pin right into the side of my gum eraser so that I can always find them. There’s a piece of sandpaper for distressing, a staple puller and an edge distresser. (And some lip balm in case I my lips get dry while I’m working!)

I use a large pencil cup to hold my scissors, a couple pencils, bone folder, brad setter and paper piercer, tweezers, glue stick and pens. I have several black pens in different point sizes as well as a brown pen and a white pen for any quick journaling needs.

Last, I have a large empty mesh can for trash. Because it’s right there, I can drop in the scraps instead of letting them clutter up my scrapping area.

What tools are you constantly reaching for? If you keep them all together within arm’s reach in your work space, it might help you scrapbook faster too.


  1. I have a Pampered Chef tool caddy that I use to keep items within easy reach. Couldn’t scrap without it! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    • Hi Sue! It’s amazing what a difference a small thing like this can do to help you be productive.

    • Thanks Sandi! It’s not a new idea but sometimes it’s the little things we remember to do that can make a big difference.



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