Scrapbook Supply Storage Ideas

I have always wanted to do a post with a tour of my crafting space. I’m sad that I never had a chance to do it with my space in my house in Tennessee. I love to see different storage ideas because you never know when you’ll see something that you never thought of doing. Not all storage ideas work for everyone so it’s a matter of trying different things until you figure out what works for you.

I had to downsize when I moved back to Florida so I no longer have a dedicated crafting room. Because I have my scrapbooking stuff in a variety of places now, I wanted talk about how I’ve been able to incorporate my things into several areas of my condo. I need things to be accessible when I’m working on projects, but when I have friends over for bunko or a book club, I don’t want my scrapbooking stuff to be in the way.

My goal here is not to show you everything, but to show you some of the highlights.

This is the dining room corner of my great room in my condo. To take advantage of the natural light, I placed the cubes that used to form my work table against the walls. I can still stand and scrapbook at the cubes to work, but I can also sit at the table too. It’s the best of both worlds. I like that everything is right there, yet the table kind of shields the area from view when you are in the living room area.

I’m a big fan of plastic storage bins because they are relatively inexpensive. Right next to my pattern paper scrap storage is another set of 2 12×12 drawers. I have one drawer devoted to distress inks. I do not have all of the colors but thought I would mention that you can get three in a stack and the drawer will close. I have two colors in each stack so there’s room to grow! The inks fit perfectly into this 12×12 sized drawer. I also have the ink tools, some distress pens, Jenni Bowlin inks and paints in another drawer.

I store my pattern paper in Cropper Hopper paper holders and storage envelopes by manufacturer. There is also a cube that holds all of my paper pads from Die Cuts with a View and K & Co. that you get at the big box stores. My cardstock is here too, sorted by color.  On that bottom shelf, I keep a bin full of the punches that I use the most often.

In another plastic storage drawer set I keep my adhesives in the top drawer. I just recently moved my stickles and distress stains here too. These items used to be in my color drawers (more info below) but the bins were getting too full. I took out some larger items and things I use all the time and the stickles and distress stains ended up here.

This plastic bin I found at Joann’s is the perfect size for my 6×6 paper pads. This sits right on top of my work space. I can flip through them easily to find what I need. I also have my tool box right there too. And in the cube right below that, I have a place where I keep new supplies. Paper is stacked to the right and new embellishments go into the bin. I will keep these things here for a bit until a new round of supplies comes in.

These storage racks sit underneath the bar spanning the kitchen/great room. Now we are getting into places that will perform double duty. I don’t have room for a desk in this condo so office supplies are here along with cookbooks and some scrapbooking stuff.

I’ve used more closed options here to contain smaller embellishments. Various boxes contain tools I don’t need all of the time. I also have cardstock scraps pull out and take to my workspace when I’ve got a layout in progress.

Moving out of the great room, you come to the heart of my supplies. The only reason I was able to lease a 2-bedroom condo is because of this closet.

It’s a Harry Potter like closet under the stairs that go up to the unit above me. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be able to house some of the shelves that used to span the wall in my scrapbook space in my house. I tried to keep things in drawers and containers as much as possible so that I could bring them out of the closet and over to my work space.

This is another new thing. Considering how much I like to flip through my stamps, I thought I would gather all of my Thickers and other sticker sheets and put them all in one place. I used to keep the smaller alphas in my color drawers and the Thickers in another location. I think I will like having everything together.

The top shelf holds the baskets that contain my clear stamp collection. There’s also bin for embossing folders.

I have a large collection of 12×12 and 8.5×11 boxes that hold a variety of things from projects and mini albums in progress to themed supplies. I try to keep my Halloween paper and embellishments together in a box, back to school in another box, Christmas in another, etc… Ongoing projects like Project Life and my Childhood Memory Box both have boxes with their supplies as well. And tucked in the space left over are these open bins with paints, Copic markers and distress ink refills.

At the back of the closet I have my color bins. I don’t store a ton of stuff by color but I have found that it’s easy for me to find solid color items if they are all in one place. The types of things I keep in here are string, twine, memory thread, brads, inks, and gems.

Next to the color bins, I have storage boxes that contain all of my journaling spots and a variety of paper and chipboard embellishments. I used to keep these types of things in several locations but here, it just made more sense to consolidate them. It’s easy to pull the box of butterflies or journaling spots to find what I need for the project at hand.

I don’t have photos, but I will mention that I also have a set of wire racks in both of the bedrooms. The one in the spare room holds idea books and my chipboard alphabets. The one in my bedroom holds my actual scrapbook albums. It’s not the perfect situation to have everything scattered, but that’s the only way everything fits in this small condo.

Well, thank you for indulging me in this little tour! I don’t think there could ever be enough posts out there with storage ideas. I hope you found it helpful and gave you some ideas for incorporating crafting items into your living space if that is something that you need to do too.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. So organized and so many great storage idea`s! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great scrapbooking supply organization! Thank you for the tour! 🙂

  3. oh i love a well organized spaces and yours is so awesome!! great job with all your organization. I am in the process of reorganizing all my pattern paper. I had it in cropper hoppers but now i am organizing by manufactures and making labels so everything is so easy to find!!

  4. I’m seeing some great ideas from your post – thanks! I too do not have a dedicated space..well, the dinning room is a creative mess ;0P Hope you are adjusting well in FL!

  5. I love your “Harry Potter like” closet, ha!! Everything looks great Tammy, must feel so good to have everything out and organized again!

  6. How exciting to see you so settled and organized! So inspiring, and I am very envious of all that light coming into the dining room!

  7. Really like your set up and how you made it work!
    Beautiful lighting by your table.
    And oh my, saw lots of fun goodies 🙂

  8. This looks great! I love the space under the stairs!

  9. Like the idea of the 6×6 pads. I never seem to know where to put them that I don’t forget bout them.

  10. I wish i was this organized! Looks great!

  11. I love reading through your organization posts…so many great ideas. You are right, out of sight and out of mind. There are so many great nuggets of information here. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Love how organized you are! Thanks for sharing. So nice. I want to take a handful of your doilies. LOL.

  13. I’m always curious to see how other scrappers make things work. I like Cropper Hopper for my paper too. I need to run out and get a holder like yours for my 6X6 pads, I seem to be collecting those now. It’s like once you start, you can’t stop! I also like the idea of a bin for alphabet stickers. I have mine in hanging file folders but with the addition of Thickers it’s not really working and I cannot give those up, for sure. Love my Thickers!

  14. Great ideas.
    Before I had a room I had stuff squirreled away in different parts of the dinning room and closet.
    It worked out really well, until I ran out of space, teehee.
    That space/room under the stairs is great.

  15. It certainly looks like you are settling in nicely & have done a great job getting your supplies organized & accessible! Enjoy!!

  16. Oh it looks like everything has a place – I’m sure you’ll adapt to the new layout of things quickly. It certainly all looks extremely organized. Nicely done.

  17. Absolutely envious – you have done a beautiful job !



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