Use Your Imagination | A Scrapbook Layout

Is anyone out there experiencing nice weather this week? We are on day 5 of dreary, rainy, cold weather. That’s 5 days too long for me. We are supposed to get a few days of sunshine before it gets cold and rainy again. It should be nice and sunny for our Thanksgiving here in the United States and that makes me happy!

On to my quick layout today…

Do you ever pick up a piece of pattern paper knowing that you really want to use it but you just can’t figure out how? That was me with this October Afternoon Deep Space Probe paper. I’m not much of a seasonal or themey scrapbooker, but somehow I conveniently forget that when I’m adding stuff to my cart at the scrapbook store. It’s cute, it goes with this other stuff so I’ll figure it out.

I wish it was that easy.

Enter Pinterest. (I’ll say it again…what did we do before Pinterest?) I searched through all the layouts I had pinned and this one from Nichol Magouirk popped right out at me. I loved the whole scattered thing going on with all the embellishments and decided I could do the same thing with stars on my cosmic paper.

To start, I put my photos down on the page and added the long title and subtitle stickers. Then I started filling in the background with the largest die cut stars, filling in with smaller stars and finally adding the bling. The Rocket Age word stickers actually came last when I saw there were some empty spots that could be filled in.

There’s a lot going on here and there’s no journaling (I make that same mistake often) but it’s a fun page and once in awhile, it’s nice to break up the serious, story driven layouts with something just plain fun. I will add a tag with journaling (my favorite solution to add forgotten journaling). And the page was the perfect excuse to get out Stickles and the glitter paper (that I rarely use) that comes with the Die Cuts With a View cardstock variety packs.

I’ll be back later this week with a quick Thanksgivng card. Do you have big Thanksgiving plans? It is going to be very quiet for me as my brother and his family decided to do their own thing this year and I don’t have enough time off from my (temporary) job to drive to Florida to be with my parents. It’s best that I stay here and work, so I’m going to scrapbook all weekend instead. And maybe do a little Black Friday shopping….

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. what an adorable layout! love that line from OA!

  2. Fabulous! Absolutely love this layout! I’m off to pin it to Pinterest!

  3. I think we’ll be getting some of your rain today. Beats snow. Love how your solved your “what to do with this paper” problem! Three cheers for Pinterest!

  4. This is GREAT!! LOVE how you tackled that difficult print- I love the paper but so far it’s just sitting there while I wonder how to use it. 😉

  5. Love your take on the page!!! GREAT job 🙂

  6. Nice layout! I love the paper!!!

  7. Love your star details! We’re having the same rain and dreariness as you-I’m over it!

  8. LOVE this layout Tammy!!!! So fun 🙂 You are a brave soul to go out in the crowd Friday! Haha!

  9. Another awesome layout.
    It is so fun, and such a perfect boy page 🙂
    As for the weather, snow and cold here 🙁

  10. That looks like it could be difficult paper to work with, but you totally rocked it! I love all those stars. I wanted to also say a big thank you for your words of encouragement on my blog! That was very nice of you! I hope the crowds aren’t too crazy on Friday!


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