Scenes From The Bus | A Divided Page Protector Layout

It’s been awhile since I scrapbooked my European adventure photos, so last weekend I pulled out a stack to see if I could get inspired. I think you’ll be seeing more Europe layouts soon! Even though my trip was four years ago this May, every time I pull out the photos I get to re-live my trip. That’s why it does not bother me I haven’t scrapbooked all the photos yet. I think I’ll be really sad when the album is finally finished!

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about my aversion to two-page layouts. I have nothing against them when other people create them, but I personally don’t like to make them. Unless I follow a sketch, I generally end up creating 2 one pagers and have to find some way to tie them together at the end. It’s just easier for me to go with single page layouts.

As I was arranging the photos and figuring out where things would go, the right side of the page came together immediately. But you can see the problem. No room for journaling (a problem I often create for myself), plus I had three more photos I wanted in the layout. Before I resigned myself to forcing out a two-pager, I looked through my collection of divided page protectors. And voila!  I didn’t have to think too much to create this two-pager. The divided page protector did all the work for me.

This particular divided page protector gave me room for three photos and includes a 6×12 slot as well. I viewed that 6×12 slot as an extension of the 12×12 layout on the right. I used the same white background, added a strip of the yellow-green diagonal stripe paper — Lovely Day from My Mind’s Eye, as well as a block of the floral paper — Pretty from My Mind’s Eye, to tie the two parts together.  I ended up filling the entire 6×12 space with journaling as I realized I had quite a bit to say. (When I give myself enough room, I can always fill it up!)

One of the problems I have with some of the photos I took from the bus is the glare off the window. Two photos on this layout had that problem, so I placed a die cut flower right over the photo. Not only was I able to take the emphasis away from the glare, but it also gave me an embellishment point to help balance the two pages and to create another point on each side of the layout to form a visual triangle. Not perfect triangles, but enough that it works to my eye.

Have you tried combining a divided page protector with your 12×12 layouts to create a unique layout like this? There are so many different varieties to choose from now. They really do add something different and a bit of variety to the pages in my albums.

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  1. Beautiful photos of your trip. I like how you worked out your double page dilemma. Michelle t

  2. Love your solution for your 2 pager! Isn’t this a wonderful hobby that lets us relive all our good memories when we make our pages and again still when we look through our albums?

  3. This worked out perfectly! I love the idea of the flower to cover up the window glare too!

  4. This looks great Tammy. I like your solution to cover the glare spots with the flowers. I created a 12×12 + divided page protector layout for my last Design Team assignment, which I’ll be sharing this week.

  5. I would never have thought by looking at your layout that the left page was a divided page.
    They flow so nicely together.

  6. Beautiful photos, beautiful pages, Tammy!

  7. This turned out fabulous, Tammy!
    I love divided page protectors. I own a ton even though I don’t do Project Life for just this reason. Especially for trip layouts.
    I totally agree with you about scrapping trip photos years later. I am still scrapping photos from various trips and it brings back great memories!


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