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Since my house is for sale and I had to pack up most of my scrapbooking supplies ahead of the move, I thought I would post a few a few of my favorite packing and moving tips over the next few weeks. It might not come up for everyone, but if you are ever faced with packing and moving your scrapbooking/card making/crafty stuff, you know what a big task it can be.

Small Embellishments

The easiest way to get small embellishments from point A to point B is to put them in small plastic bags. Not only will the bags contain them and keep them from getting loose in your boxes, but the bags will also protect whatever is inside.

This is where I keep my small embellishments that are out of the packages:

It’s a Sterelite narrow 3-drawer storage container that can hold 8.5 x 11 sized paper.

The trays inside each drawer came from an inexpensive tool storage case like this one. I used to have several of them, but that ugly maroon color just didn’t add to the decor of my scrapbook room. When I discovered that the trays fit perfectly inside these units, I ditched the maroon cases and kept all of the trays.

For the move, I put the embellishments into a plastic bag and returned them to the tray. I still have access but everything is sealed and ready to move whenever I am. The bags keep like items together and everything won’t get mixed up when I place these units into boxes to move them. I also store my loose alphabet letters the same way and I’ve already bagged them up as well. A’s went into one bag, all the B’s went into a bag, etc…

You can find these bags in a variety of sizes at your local craft store. I usually find them in the jewelry section. I also like the small snack size bags you can find at the grocery store. It may not be the most environmentally sensitive way to go, but the bags are reusable. I always have a stash in my craft room to keep embellishments together when I create kits. The largest ones worked perfectly to hold my various journaling cards.

If you store your small embellishments in small jars or containers with lids and you don’t mind everything inside the jar/container getting mixed up, this step probably isn’t necessary. But for anything that you want to keep separated, these bags are a lifesaver.

Do you have any great tips for packing and moving your stash? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Tammy that is a great idea. I had to pack up when we sold in June of 2010. I packed up all the non essentials in boxes and then kept a 4×4 expedit with basket and all my embellies in plastic baggies. It worked out great. I had to pack up again in March 2011 when we bought and it was SO easy thanks to the baggies! *E*

  2. This is so much better than what I did. I just taped up the front of the drawers and took my chances. Never again! It took weeks to seperate all of the little pieces back to where they belong.

  3. Love the trays! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Thanks for the tip… We will be moving in a year and I am not looking forward to packing up my scraproom…


  5. Admittedly I was able to transport most of my stash in the back of the car (twice!) this year, but I also put the contents of all my drawers in plastic bags. Well certainly the second time after DH shoved them in the back of the car and they all fell out on the first move! I also have the same sterilite container and I love how you have used the storage thingies inside and so beautifully organised!

  6. Love your ideas Tammy! So funny, I use those same little drawers inside my bigger ones just like yours show! Works great. After just moving myself, I can feel the pain of having to figure out how to get all your scrap supplies moved while still keeping them somewhat organized!

    Great post!

  7. Great idea. I was just redoing my studio which called for me to move everything. I ended up spilling all my embellies. It took me a long time to get it back together and organized.

  8. Great tip! I love how you put those little drawers in your drawers too! 😉

  9. Good tips – I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more as I’ll soon enough have to pack up my Stockholm stash to move home to Melbourne… And unpack my stash there – that other people packed for me.. I can’t wait to see how everything survives!

  10. Great tip! Good luck with your move!

  11. It looks very neat and tidy!

  12. My stash has really grown in the four years that we have been in this house, and I hope we don’t have to move it soon. I do love the little baggies though and use them for lots of things now. Great idea for using them for the move.

  13. Great idea Tammy 🙂
    When we moved (over 17 yrs ago) my brother was irked that so many boxes were marked “Crafts”, lol.
    He thought I just did that to bug him….nope they were all craft supplies, lol.

  14. that is a primo idea! TFS

  15. A Big thanks! I had to move a couple years ago and wasn’t happy with the results. I am going to move again soon and needed a better plan. I am emptying out my parents house where I curently live. When I get rid of my Dad’s nuts and bolts and tools I will use the drawer and plastic bag idea. Perfect for what I need.



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