Quick Tip | Packing Your 12×12 Paper

Paper is possibly the hardest thing to pack when you have to move your scrapbooking items. It’s easily damaged and the size makes it hard to protect.

Finding boxes with the right dimensions

I found these Duck brand 14×14 boxes at Walmart (in the school supply isles).

They are like $0.68 each (locally for me anyway). Super cheap. But I will be honest and say the cardboard isn’t as sturdy as the boxes you get at Home Depot or U-haul. But the size is right and that was more important to me.  Standard moving boxes come in sizes that do not work for 12×12 paper – the 1.5 or small boxes are 12×16. That sounds like it would work but there’s no clearance between the lid and the papers so there’s no protection. The 3.0 boxes or medium size are 18×18. So paper fits but the box is too large and gets too heavy to lift if you fill it with paper. All of that is to say, these 14×14 boxes are perfect.

My paper packing process

Step One – line the box with a garbage bag. There’s no way to know what will happen to your things during the move. If it rains while they are loading, the boxes get wet. If it rains in transit and the truck isn’t sealed, the boxes could get wet. The movers could spill a can of soda on the boxes. You just never know. Take the precaution and line the box with a garbage bag.

Step Two – If you have 12×12 paper cases – like the ones from Iris or Cropper Hopper – put them on the bottom. Because the box is 14×14, the cases fit. There is plenty of clearance to get them in the box. Not will the cases protect the paper inside, but the case adds more stability to the box. I am lucky to have enough cases for all of my paper. If you need to stack loose paper, try to stack it between two cases, folders or even two cardboard sheets. Anything that will help keep the paper from shifting.

Step Three – don’t fill the box to the top with paper. Paper is too heavy and if that’s the only thing in the box, it could fall apart from the weight. That happened on the first box I packed so I had to change my strategy.  I fill my boxes with about 2/3 paper, fill in the rest with stamps or embellishments or whatever else I could put in there.

Step Four – fill in voids with crunched up newprint or packing paper. It wasn’t until I worked part time for a moving company that I came to realize just how important the packing paper is. Not only does it add padding to whatever is inside, but it will fill in the empty voids. If you stack boxes heavy boxes that are not full on top of each other, the boxes will cave in. Fill all the empty space with crushed up packing paper and you’ll be able to stack these heavy boxes on top of each other in a nice straight line.

My last tip is to use some extra tape when you seal these boxes. Run a few lines all the way around the box in both directions, not just on the top and bottom. It’s not pretty, but tape is one more layer to to help reinforce this box that is less sturdy to begin with.

I hope these tips help you if you are moving soon or need to packing up your stuff temporarily!

Do you have any fun tips to share about moving your supplies?

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  1. Great tips Tammy. When we moved, I printed a bunch of labels for boxes before I started packing, so as I filled a box I just taped on the label. The movers were able to put my boxes in the new house by categories making it easier for me to unpack (when I was ready).

  2. great packing tips!

  3. Thanks for the tip ! 🙂

  4. I moved my paper several times and never thought about it getting wet. Next time I will know better. Thanks for that tip!

  5. Great tips! Good luck with your move!

  6. Love the idea of putting the garbage bag as a liner. Great tip!
    I use color dots/stickers outside of boxes to indicate which box goes to which room.

  7. Great tips! I am hoping I never have to move again. 🙂 But don’t know how realistic that is.

  8. Really, really great tips!
    I wouldn’t have thought to use the trash bag liner!
    And mixing with some paper and some embellies!

  9. Awesome tips! I don’t have any of my own to share, but my scrapbook supplies were the first thing that got packed and moved when I moved last year. It’s hard to resign yourself to not using them for a while.

  10. Adding the trash bag is a great idea! I am always worried about the weight of paper and try to find smaller boxes (in height) to put them in.

    Good luck packing!

  11. You have done an amazing job with all of the packing of your supplies! More great tips 🙂

  12. This is an excellent tip for packing up papers 🙂

  13. Love the plastic bag! In all my military moves, never thought of that! Awesome! I too try to label my boxes and have a “first month” or essentials box. That way if I dont get to everything right away, at least I have the essentials to create. That goes for the move as a whole too. My 1st day box has assembly tools, all the remote controls, a set of clean sheets, and usually one pot, pan, and spatula (everything else can be picinic ware picked up at the new home). good luck with the rest of the pack out! -Amanda

  14. It is great tips you have shared with everyone and I think it will be useful to people who are planning to move. I liked the idea of putting the garbage bag in the box; it is really a great idea. It is good to label each boxes, as this will be useful when you unpack them in the new house. Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely blog with everyone.



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