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Over the weekend, as I was going though some memorabilia from a few years ago, I came across some maps and brochures and post cards from events that I know I have already scrapbooked. What do you do when you come across some ephemera or memorabilia that you forgot to include on a layout?

Quick Tip: See if you can add found ephemera to your completed layout.

If your layouts are easy to get to, find the layout in question and determine if the found items can be added. I’m not suggesting that you “re-do” the layout. Just take a look at it and see if it’s possible to include anything into the design.

If there is an existing pocket, add your found items there. Beyond that, is there a large photo that you can slip something behind? Can you cut a map down to a smaller size and create a tag with it to add to your layout? Can you use your punches to create embellishments?

If it does not make sense to add it to the existing layout, but it’s still something you want to keep, slip it into the page protector behind the layout so that the items stay with the layout.

Lastly, if you determine that the stuff isn’t worth saving any longer and you can’t get it to work with the layout, stick it in the recycling bin. Free up some space for new stuff coming in!


  1. I seem to find stuff like this too often! Ha! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. That definitely sounds like me. Finding stuff I meant to include in a layout after I am all done. Good tips!

  3. You totally hit a nerve here – this is one thing that drives me absolutely bonkers! I try so hard to keep everything organized and to include these keepsakes in my scrapbook. I HATE finding something after the fact. Usually when I find something after the fact, it’s not something that would go into an existing layout, it’s something that would have been a layout on it’s own.

  4. i need to get organized to keep all my stuff–some day!

  5. This happens to me all too often. I’m trying to get more organized so it doesn’t happen, but I certainly appreciate the tips.

  6. Great tips, I often find stuff after the scrapping fact. In answer to your question about my typewriter, I found a place online and already ordered and received 2 more ribbons that fit my model, which should last me quite a while!

  7. I am so bad at hoarding this stuff, never to be looked at again. I think I should purge.
    I have stuck things behind the layout in the page protector though.

  8. Great ideas! I really love your previous post where you made tags and embellishments from tickets, maps, etc…so cool!


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