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Since we are halfway through the year, it’s a good time for a Project Life update!

This is my fourth year doing Project Life and while each year has gotten easier, I still encounter unexpected challenges. Like moving. But because I adore the end result, I persevere. As a non-chronological scrapbooker with non-chronological category albums, Project Life is the one album where things unfold by the calendar so I make it a priority.

One of the things I love about Project Life is the flexibility (if you are willing to be flexible) so I wanted to share some of things helping me keep up and make it work.

A peek at my Project Life process

I truly admire all of the ladies who take the time to update their Project Life spreads every week. I love to look at their pages and marvel at the time it must have taken to get it accomplished and posted. But I will never be able to do that.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I do not work on my album every week. While I have a photo printer at home, I don’t like using it for large batches of photos. I wait until I have several months of photos and I upload them to an online developer. Not having physical photos at the end of the week does not stop me from planning my pages because I take notes.

I create a grid on one page to mimic the page protectors and I make notes on the second page of things that happened or particular photos I might include. I also note any ephemera I’m holding or books that I’m reading or news stories that would fit. At the end of the month, I go through everything and start assembling pages. I look at the photos I’ve taken on my computer and assign them to slots with post it notes.

I’m following a weekly format. If something date specific happened, I make sure these events are included in the week they happened. I add the journaling cards and memorabilia into the pockets so I know how many photo slots I need to fill. Every day life photos don’t have to be date specific so I use them whenever I have an open spot.

There are tons of Project Lifers out there who artfully embellish every single slot on their spread. And some just put the photos and cards in the slots and call it done. I fall somewhere in the middle. I try to keep it simple, but enjoy embellishing a little too — especially when I can use up some of my older stash!

Special inserts and extras

This year, I am using my Silhouette more and more. Many Project Life cutting files have been popping up in the online Silhouette store. The files are are sized to fit perfectly into the page protectors. I’m using a mix of my own designs and some from the Silhouette store.

The days to go above was part of my countdown of how many days I had left in Tennessee before I moved back to Florida. The happy phrase came from the Silhouette store.

I also include letter sized inserts for anything I want to save. The one above includes birthday cards. If I can remember to snag a to-go menu or a business card at a favorite restaurant, I’ll include that. Especially if I forgot my phone and don’t have photos.

I have also gotten better about taking screen captures on my iPhone of weather or major news items. Post cards fit perfectly into the page protectors. This one is included in the last week I was in Tennessee.

What happens when you get busy

April and May were both crazy months. I didn’t pick up the camera much and didn’t have enough to fill two page spreads for each week. I ended up creating one two page spread for each month instead. I thought about other options, but didn’t want to make it complicated and disrupt the flow of my album.

Instead of adding the “Week X” title to the top left card, I just have the month Bingo card and nothing else. May is still a work in progress.

It can be easy to get behind in this project. Would it be better if I could have kept consistent and been able to show every single week of the entire year? Sure. But rather than beat myself up over it (or worse…give up all together) I made an adjustment. Starting first week in June, I’m back to two page spreads for every week.

I love my Project Life album, but I still scrapbook regular layouts, just as I always have. On Wednesday, I’ll show how I documented a trip to Legoland, including layouts for my albums and the extras I added to my Project Life album.

Are you still hanging in there with Project Life?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Wow, this is inspiring- to be honest, I’ve never really paid any attention to the Project Life hype- but you make it look like such a fun idea here!! Something to think about for next year, I suppose…
    Thanks so much for sharing :),
    (visiting via the Two Peas forum),

  2. tammy- i am loving your pl. I started out embellishing everything and stamping etc. but then the spring came and we became more busy! so the embellishing declined. Now i am very behind. I started last night putting things together and i am taking the next couple of days to catch up. i too would love to stay caught up but boy life just gets in my creative way! LOL!!

  3. Love seeing the peek at your process. If I didn’t keep a weekly calendar, I would be lost with this project! I do my photos the same way, print off a batch at a time, so I have more to work with. I’m hanging in there too!!

  4. It’s so fun to see how everyone is adapting this project. I love that you simply decided to record those as months & pick back up with weeks now that life is settling into a routine.

  5. I love how you are doing Project Life! I agree that flexibility is key to keeping up with it!
    Love your Silhouette elements as well 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing your process, you are so organized!

  7. I don’t do PL, but I love seeing how people do theirs. Who knows maybe I’ll jump on the wagon one of these days! I think the way you are doing it is great!

  8. I am not a PL person, but I love seeing what everyone is doing… I love the simplicity of the layouts and getting it done. One day maybe… Thanks so much for sharing and adding to my interest of PL…

  9. Project Life is not for me, but I enjoy hearing about your process. So cool that you’ve done it for four years and have a system that works so well for you.

  10. Great PL post. I lost it around week 19. I have photos printed and ready to go up until week 24 and then I just lost it. New job, end of the school year etc. I think there are weeks I don’t even have photos or anything to put in the PL. I do have those first few months of the year recorded and I love looking back on it. I actually got further than I thought I would and from someone who couldn’t get a DD done 4 years in a row, 19 weeks was good.

  11. This is looking great. I wish I had the perserverance to do project life, but I can guarantee it’s something I would start and never finish so I admire you for doing it. Becky x

  12. wow, I really need to start such a project next year!! I love this!!

  13. Thanks for the behind the scenes look. It is nice to know one can keep up while only printing photos every few weeks (months?). I use a note pad to write down dates/quotes before each spread, but I like how you create a grid beforehand. I’m sure that must help in selecting photos ahead of time too. I have a lot that go to waste, so this is a nice way to help with that. One page spreads and catch all spreads with no weekly card definitely help to catch up!

  14. Your Project Life looks great! I’m so impressed that you take notes! That’s awesome and I’m sure it helps when you get behind. I just do monthly pages , but haven’t gotten on the weekly band wagon. Love the Silhouette phrases. Very fun!

  15. Great post on how you are using your Albums.
    I have yet to work on mine, lol.

  16. I like the idea of using post it to help with the layout! The cutouts are really cute!



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