What Page Are You Putting Off?

This question was posed in the September issue of Scrapbook Trends Magazine and it really got me to thinking. Is there a page that I’ve been putting off?

Good intentions don’t equal completed layouts

I think this happens to all of us. We can get so focused on the events and holidays and activities, that sometimes the deeper, more meaningful stories get put on hold. We want to tell them, but they usually get pushed down the list until other projects are completed.

I do plan to work on my more meaningful stories. But as soon as I get the latest installment of nephew photos, my intentions go right out the window. It’s much more fun (not to mention easier) to scrapbook my nephew’s sporting activities than for me to grapple with a painful story about why high school was miserable. Given the choice, fun wins.

A year ago, I took a class from Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes called “Yesterday and Today”. (Ali is re-running this class in January. If you didn’t catch it the first time around, check it out. I highly recommend it!) Early on, we were encouraged to brainstorm ideas for stories we wanted to tell during the 12 week class. I quickly realized that I have no trouble coming up with all kinds of interesting stories to scrapbook. Yet, I always seem to get sidetracked by something else and these stories go on the list of pages I’ll get to someday.

But — does someday ever come? If I don’t make these pages a priority, who will?

Details are just as important

When I think about my two Grandmothers, I can’t help but realize that I didn’t know that much about who they were as women. I lived on the west coast, 3,000 miles away from them. I only saw them a handful of times as I grew up. There are so many questions I’d love to ask about their lives, but I didn’t start scrapbooking until after they both passed on. I can’t answer the questions for them, but I can scrapbook the same details about my own life.

I saw a post on 2 Peas the other day where a poster felt buried under a mountain of photos and wondered how anyone could take the time to scrapbook about their favorite coffee mug. The thought being, we have so many other important photos, who cares to see a layout about a cup? I see it differently. For me, it’s not really about the coffee mug . It’s a window into your world, a piece of your life at that moment.  It may seem trivial, but it’s not.

Tell your stories now

I still have so many stories that need to be told. Like one about how being diagnosed with a melanoma at 26 changed my relationship with the sun or how I remember that Grandma Bullis had Nutter Butter cookies in her kitchen in Ft. Lauderdale when we visited. It’s not that these stories are any more important than the events and holidays, but they do deserve equal treatment in my scrapbooks. Instead of someday, I’m going to work on more of these layouts now.

What scrapbook page have you been putting off?


  1. The problem with the question is it only asks what page (singular) you’ve been putting off. I think there are several that I’ve been waiting for the right inspiration, like the one about my grandmother that passed away when I was two. I don’t remember her, I just remember the photo of her at my 2nd birthday party, but I want to scrap that photo to honor her memory.

    • I’m right there with you. I have so many that I need to do, but I feel like if I at least start with one, that will get me going. Sounds like you have a place to start too. I hope you do that page about your Grandmother soon!

  2. First off, Thanks for the comment on my blog! I can relate! There are so many things that I would like to get scrapped. I actually have a notebook full of page ideas. One page that I have been putting off is a visit to California to see my sister when her baby passed away. I have so many pictures. I put it off because I’m afraid I’m not going to do them justice.

    • So sorry about your loss. Sometimes we need to let the ideas brew around in our heads for awhile and that’s OK too. At some point, you’ll just know it’s time and you’ll scrapbook that memory. Don’t be afraid though – your heart and emotion will come through and it will be beautiful.

  3. I have been putting off my heritage ablum. Most of my relatives passed away at an early age, many before I was even born. So I don’t have the memories and the documentation of their lives is very hard to find.

    • That’s something I haven’t tackled yet either. I have lot’s of photos, I just don’t know much about the people. One of these days I need to visit with extended family members and ask them what they remember about certain people so that I have something to put down. It may not be names and dates and what was happening, but I would like to include a memory from someone, something more personal.


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