Pocket Pages Aren’t Just For Project Life

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my Project Life album. I really love it for daily documentation and as a place to store all the bits and pieces of memorabilia I keep. But I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to make the pages. If I stay on top of it, great. If I don’t, well, I’ll get to it. Eventually.

In working on my Project Life album, I’ve grown to love all the different pocket pages. (This page protector is from MAMBI and I picked the package up at Michaels). And I’m starting to add more pocket pages to my 12×12 albums. Not Project Life pages, but pages like this:

(First, it’s so hard to photograph pocket pages in the best light, let alone at night with no natural light. So let’s just look around the terrible glare, OK?)

And not necessarily to save time — though that is a bonus. But more because I have a ton of 3×4 cards that I really want to use. I do like to use 3×4 cards on traditional layouts too, but I’ll usually layer with them which means parts get covered up.

I had some fun 3×4 cards that came in one of my Cocoa Daisy kits several months ago. I had an idea to create a 12×12 layout but with extra crafting time being scarce right now, I pulled out a pocket page and within minutes, the fun page was created.

One of my favorite things about the pockets is that you can embellish to your hearts content…or not…depending on what works for you. I sometimes have a hard time adding random embellishments to my pages. Making sure the placement is right and that things aren’t floating. But in small pockets? It is so much easier for me.

Because I’m sure the question is out there…let’s talk about the reverse side. This is just a one page layout, so what goes on the other side? I don’t know yet. I will probably take a sheet of 12×12 pattern paper that I don’t want to use on a layout and just cut it up to fit in the pockets. That way, it goes into my album and there’s something pretty on the other side, until I figure it out. Or maybe this weekend I’ll come across some photos that will be perfect and I’ll finish the other side. It really doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

I will mention too that this is the second page I’ve created recently where I’ve pulled out embellishments solely by color. I took the cue from the 3×4 cards and pulled out some brown and pink embellishments. I do sort some of my embellishments by color and it really has me thinking about the rest of my embellishments. I have a feeling I’ll be working on that soon.

Do you sort any of your supplies by color?

More on that in a future post…

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  1. I have the majority of my supplies (paper & embellishments) sorted by color, although I’m thinking about tweaking things a bit in the next few weeks with ideas from the Organizing FUNdamentals class. I just used a divided page protector yesterday as the second page of a 2-page layout. I used the back side as the first page of my next 2-page layout.

  2. Gorgeous color scheme!

  3. Love the color palette you used! The page turned out great!

  4. I keep my embellishments in their original package for now. I don’t have a whole lot so I keep them in the package and keep the packages together in a big Ziploc type baggie. Not the best at organizing since I don’t have my own space to craft. I don’t have many 3×4 cards but I like to use them on layouts too. What kit club did you go with this year? Been thinking about that but will probably hold off for a while. I love my coffee too! Fun layout. Cute, and I like the colors and your idea. Michelle t

  5. I agree. I’ve been playing around with pocket pages and mixing them in with my traditional 12×12’s. I love the way it looks.

  6. I am not a sort by color scrapper except for my cardstock.
    I love pocket pages though and product despite not being a PL scrapper. I have tons of PL page protectors. And I think your page is fantastic!!

  7. Love this pretty color scheme, Tammy! I do pocket pages when I have a bunch of photos I want to scrap or when the mood hits me. 🙂

  8. I love this page it make me want to do a page with hot chocolate!! I do love the page protector and the arrangement of sizes.
    I sort my sb stuff by events. I went through and got 12×12 plastic binds and put the different events which help when working on my pages I can just grab that bind.

  9. Cool idea to pick embellishments based on color – I’ll have to try that.

  10. Loving the layout and different coffee pics 🙂 I don’t support by color, I tried that before and it didn’t really work because I had everything put away. I’m more visual than that and realized I need everything out when I can see it in baskets that I can flip through.

  11. Such a great page, the glare isn’t that bad actually.
    I am doing Project 365 again this year, but am trying to embellish more this time around.
    Love what you did with your page 🙂

  12. Love your page! I don’t do Project Life and I’ve never really thought about using the divided pocket pages in my just regular scrapbooking. I do use some of the 3x 4 cards so not sure why I didn’t think of using the pocket pages. I will have to give that a try and mix some in. Thanks for the inspiration! And I do store everything by color. I first had things sorted by type but found I was continuously looking for things by color so I decided I might as well sort and store that way. That’s what is easiest for me, but storage is definitely a personal choice and everybody is different. You just have to ask yourself how you would go looking for it and that’s how you store it! 🙂

  13. great pocket page! Yep – they are SOOOO hard to photograph. I don’t generally sort by color, unless it’s washi. I store by collection, but keep so little on hand that I can always find things fast 🙂

  14. Hi,
    Brill ideas.:)

    I don’t do PL but I do use photo sleeves, mainly print-file & A4 ones as I’m in the UK.

    With the back of my pockets I often just leave them blank or put a sticker on the back of the sleeve.

    I’d love to know if other people just leave the other side blank too.


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