Piecing Together A Stable Background Page

When I was pulling supplies for this particular layout, I faced a little dilemma. I really wanted to use the top half of one of the papers for this layout and the bottom half for another project. Same with the floral paper – I had to cut both sheets into 6×12 pieces.  I could have just taped them together and moved forward, but tape alone does not give you a stable background to mount photos and embellishments on.

I could have just added both sheets to another 12×12 paper, but that seemed like a waste. Instead, I added a two banding strips to bridge the two halves together and I added a third stabilizing layer with a strip of washi tape across the back.

Adding the additional layers of pattern paper across the seams and then adding the washi tape made all the difference. Now, I have the perfect background and I’ll be able to use the remaining 6×12 pieces in other projects.

Just one more way to get your stash to go a bit further!

For this layout, I rescued some childhood photos of my brother and I. They were in a side-by-side frame that did not survive my move earlier this year. Because they are already so discolored, I thought it best to get them onto a layout and into an album.

I knew that floral paper was perfect for this layout first, because it reminded me of wallpaper that we might have had in the 70’s and second, because it helped mimic the flowers in my dress. I wanted to bring in something with a vintage feel, so I misted a doily with Mister Huey’s Sunshine and then added some splatters of Mint Julep.

Because the photos were so discolored with red/orange/yellow hues, I wanted to bring in a contrasting color and went with the aqua color from floral pattern paper. Aqua isn’t a color I would have normally added in with these colors but it does contrast well with all the neutrals.

There wasn’t room on this page for journaling, so I added it to a tag behind my photo. I didn’t have a specific story to go with these studio portraits, so I journaled about how much I disliked that hair cut. My Mom wanted it cut this short because then she didn’t have to brush it or fix it. If I wasn’t wearing a dress, you’d never know I was a girl! So when I was old enough to assert my personality, I insisted on longer girly hair. And I’ve never looked back!

Other: Doily, Sunshine Mister Huey, dark pink cardstock, MME date sticker, Prima flower, Basic Grey flag embellishment.

Have you scrapbooked your own changing hairstyles through the years?

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  1. This is awesome, I think we’ve all had a haircut like that from our moms! I love how you rescued the older photos, the look gray with those papers!

  2. Nice idea! thanks for sharing it!

  3. Great post! Your page is amazing. I love the old photos.

  4. love this page and what a great post! always helpful!!

  5. Love the photos!

  6. Great idea to add the contrasting aqua color! Love it!

  7. Great tip, when I’ve used two papers like this before I have stuck them both to a sheet of 12×12 cardstock, but it did feel like a waste!

    Love your page, especially the vintage style doily, and the aqua colour contrasting with the orange hues.

    I’m tempted to make my daughter have her hair cut. She doesn’t want it cut – she wants to be like Rapunzel – but she complains so much every time I brush it that it drives me crazy! She’d quite like me to just leave it all knotty and messed up, and sometimes, when I haven’t got the energy to fight it, she does end up wandering around all day with very messy hair!


  8. Great pictures, love the doily

  9. Love the doily…so appropriate to “vintagey pictures.
    You did a great job chosing papers that played up the discolouration in your photos.

    You could also restore your photos digitally…I am totally rubbish with the computer but managed to fix a few of mine that had discoloured…just a suggestion for the future.

    • Yes, the photos are scanned and I can restore them if I ever want to reprint! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  10. that is so fun! love the layout 🙂

  11. Your vintage page layout is adorable! You should scan those pictures if you can, it is amazing how scanning software, PSE or Photo Shop can still color correct them. I love your ideas on “starter pages”. I do that all the time.

    • Yes, they are scanned and I’ll be able to reprint if I ever want to. I’ve actually tried to restore the color but there’s something really funky with them. I have intermediate to advanced PSE skills and no matter why I try, it just doesn’t look right. But I’m actually OK with the discoloration on the originals – just wanted them to be better protected. 🙂

  12. Great idea to put those two 6×12 sheets together & your layout turned out really nice with the discolored photos. I really need to do some hairstyle layouts; maybe even a mini-album of styles over the years.

  13. This is a great layout. Love the photos, I don’t have that many of me 🙁
    Great papers they are perfect for these images.

  14. Great tip!
    And great layout, too!
    I have so many discolored photos like that with me and my brother and sister.
    I should scrap some of them 🙂


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