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Today I wanted to share a quick photo idea. I’m sure many of you already do this, but I thought it was a topic worthy of a post anyway. Just in case someone out there wants to do it and didn’t know how…

Now that Project Life is an official part of my process, I taught myself how to create a photo collage with two 3×4 photos on one 4×6 canvas in Photoshop Elements. It’s the best way to get photos of my iPhone screen captures (like the weather or text threads), book covers, movie and TV posters, etc… that I love to include in my Project Life album. And it saves ink, photo paper and printing costs too.

I had a light bulb moment recently when I was contemplating 2-page layouts. I create them when I have a ton of photos (especially for travel and big events) but they aren’t my favorite thing to do. I like white space in my layouts and not to be overwhelmed by a lot of photos.  That’s hard to do when the whole reason you create a 2-pager is to contain more photos.

Why not print more 3×4 size photos for photo heavy layouts? I’ve always been one to crop my photos but sometimes you have to cut off important details in order to get the size you need. I like being able to just reduce the size in a photo editing program and preserve more details of the original photo.

So, I created a 2-pager over the weekend with some 3×4 prints:

Featured supplies: Pebbles Seen & Noted Memories, Happy Thoughts, 4×6 phrase cards, Queen & Co Trendy tape yellow dots and teal stripes.

In this layout, I was able to fit in four 3×4 photos down the far right side of the layout. Had I included all seven photos in the 4×6 size, the page would have been nothing but photos. This way there’s still some white space and room for pattern paper and the journaling. I tried adding a title in a couple of different places, but in the end, decided that the journaling card “I’ll look back on this and smile” was all it really needed.

Now, I’m not the best person to “teach” others how to do this. There are too many different photo programs out there and lots of different ways to do it. Some of the online photo companies also offer collage options, but it may cost more per print to create them with their software vs. uploading your own collage as a 4×6 image. If you don’t know how to create these yourself, here are some great resources:

  • Ali Edwards has a tutorial for printing 2 3×4 photos on a 4×6 canvas in PSE
  • Melissa Stinson explains how to do this with collages in Picasa (which is FREE) and then a different post using Lightroom
  • Many posters on the 2peas message board love this PhotoSheet utility program (it’s FREE)
  • Kerri Bradford sells some cool templates with the photo sizes already created for you here and here and she has a tutorial for using them here.

It’s just one more option to consider when you print your photos.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. You always have such pretty and fresh color combos on your pages, Tammy! Love this! You can also use iPhoto (on a Mac) to create collages and I’m able to do it using my Picturemate photo printer. It definitely saves ink and allows you to get more photos on a page without overwhelming it.

  2. super layout!! tfs all the tutorials- i am going to check them all out!!

  3. Oh what a wonderful 2 pager! I will be checking out those resources. Love the idea of a photo collage!

  4. I love being able to combine photos on one 4×6. I either use a collage program on my phone or do it when I print my photos at the one hour kiosk. I also like printing 2 3×4 with my printer to save $$ especially if its a photo without people.

    Great layout. I love the before photos.

  5. Thanks for sharing the tutorials!
    Love the double pager, so bright and colorful!!

  6. The page looks great with all the 3×4’s down the edge! I use PicMonkey and Microsoft publisher to put smaller photos onto a 4×6, I like to squeeze lots of little pics on sometimes too! x

  7. Great layout.I like how you fit so many pictures.

  8. I really need to do this. I love to use lots of pictures on my layouts.
    Thanks for the links. I’ll be checking them out.

  9. I love your double page layout, it looks awesome!

  10. I love the colors on your double page spread. Wonderful use of the open white space too (that is where I fail…I over fill, lol). I also print my 3×4 (2) on a 4×6 from my regular photo printer.

  11. I love the tropical colors!

  12. thanks for sharing, Tammy!
    I use Picasa, so appreciated Melissa’s post 🙂
    One of these days I will get over my fear of PSE and learn more about it.
    We got the latest edition with our new computer and I am so intimidated by it!

  13. Love the layout and great ideas on the photos. I have an Android phone and have recently been playing around with an app to edit my photos, which I then print out in 3×4 size. You may have inspired me to do a post on this as well 🙂

  14. Nice ideas and resources for 3×4 photos. I’m using them more and more, but I just send them to Persnickety Prints to be developed!


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