Note To Self | A Scrapbook Layout

The idea for this layout came from a song I discovered recently. The past couple of years have been fantastic in some ways and the hardest of my life in other ways. I try to keep a positive attitude or at least show a positive attitude about my employment situation, even though it’s hard not to feel like a complete failure sometimes.

Music helps.

There have been different periods in my life where music seemed to dominate. As a young adult in Washington state in the late 80’s/early 90’s I was was all about rock and roll. Nirvana. Pearl Jam. Alice in Chains. Soundgarden. Candlebox. (Well, except for the brief New Kids on the Block phase, but I blame that on teen hormones…).

I still prefer rock and alternative. Foo Fighters. Green Day. Fall Out Boy. Staind. Linkin Park. There’s just something about an angsty, guitar riff filled, screaming tune that helps it all feel better.

Right now, These Times from the album These Times by SafetySuit is one of the songs helping me put the positive spin on things. It’s not as angry or punk sounding as some, but it’s the lyrics I cling to. Lyrics that can say it so much more eloquently than I can. These times are hard…but they will pass.

That’s how the layout came to be, but the finished version looks nothing like the vision I had in my head. It’s funny how the direction you think you are going to take can detour and you end up with something totally different.

The embellishments on the page were going to be 9 butterflies that I had covered in a rainbow of glitter colors. But when I went through paper collections looking for the background paper, I kept coming back to this one from Crate Paper’s DIY shop. It just didn’t work with the rainbow of butterflies. Not at all. But I couldn’t find another paper I liked, so I shifted the design and trimmed my chalkboard paper so that more of the pattern paper background would show.

I still used three of the butterflies I glittered up. I’m not entirely happy with how they scattered but this was the best arrangement given the changes I had already made. I used mod podge to adhere the glitter and you can tell from the photos that some of it is flaking off. But’s it’s not too bad. I also added some small punched flowers because it needed a little something more. I never had a title in mind for this layout and I don’t think it really needs a big one. I just added that little “note to self” phrase at the bottom and called it done.

I like how the chalkboard painting turned out, though in the future I may add less paint. It’s really just dark black and I probably could have gotten the same results with black paint. If I try for less coverage the end result might look more like a blackboard.

Love that white sharpie! I’ve tried many white pens over the years and this one was the best. I didn’t have to trace over any letters that didn’t coat the first time. The sharpie I used is oil based, but they have a water based white paint pen too. Next, I’ll have to try it on some kraft cardstock as white on kraft is a favorite look too.

And can I just ask…how is it possible that it’s already June? I feel like I’ve missed out on the last couple months as busy as I have been. I really need to figure out how to work less and play more…

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I love your doodle marks with the flowers and butterflies, really pops against that black!

  2. This is beautiful, Tammy! Love the floral in contrast with the chalkboard 🙂

  3. Such a great layout, Tammy!
    I love the chalkboard paper and the colors are so pretty!
    I was all about grunge rock in the 90’s and let’s just say I still listen to it today.
    Pearl Jam is one of my most favorite bands ever! 🙂

  4. Great page. Love the contrast of floral and black!

  5. The black is so striking with the “girly” touches, Tammy. Beautiful page!

  6. Love the chalkboard paint on this layout, beautiful 🙂

  7. Good to hear how you are doing, even if it’s hard. I was thinking about you the other day! I agree, I can’t believe it’s June. Where did May go?

  8. Your layout is beautiful.
    The marker came out perfectly on the black chalkboard paint.
    There is a song for every day of our lives and that speak to us when we really need it.

  9. Love the colors overall. Great addition of the butterflies. I have to try that white sharpie, my Signo is so unreliable.

  10. Love the chalkboard too! Still looking forward to your embellishments 🙂 I love that about music, different sings fit different time periods and it can instantly pick you up. I’m with you, how did it get to be June???

  11. Beautiful layout! I love how the chalk paint turned out!

  12. Fabulous layout, love the handwritten journaling!

  13. Your page looks awesome, I love that background paper and the butterflies look lovely. So does the white writing on black, I need a new white pen so I shall try and get a white sharpie! x


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