Layout Foundations With 6×6 Papers

In the past six months or so, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding 6×6 paper packs. It’s not that they are new. Basic Grey was bringing their lines out in 6×6 pads long before trend watchers took notice. But now, many of our favorite paper manufacturer’s are bringing their lines to us in the 6×6 size.

I still like my 12×12 paper, but I do take a second look if a line I am interested in comes in a 6×6 pack. If I can pick up an entire line in 6×6, I may not buy any of the 12×12 sheets.

I have used my 6×6 collections mostly for die cutting and with punches, but I haven’t been using them as much in my layouts. It made me realize that I have resource for creating quick and easy layouts that I’m not tapping into.

6×6 Layout Foundations

I challenged myself to come up with some basic layout foundations that I can create with my 6×6 paper pads. All of these designs leave you with plenty of room for a title, photos in whatever size works for you, and room for embellishing.

Four Squares

This is a simple design placing four 5×5 squares in the middle of the page. The strip across the middle is two 1×6 inch strips. This layout is actually one of Shimelle’s Starting Points and it inspired me to come up with other designs.

Offset Squares

This design takes two 6×6 squares, offsets them in the middle of the page and uses strips and decorative borders on each side to dress it up. This layout could easily be used to create a 2-page spread by duplicating the design on a second page.

Three Columns

For this design, I cut two 2×4 inch blocks from three different 6×6 pattern papers. Place each pattern paper above and below the photo and finish off with a decorative edge border. This design could be used for vertical photos as I had intended here or it can be flipped for horizontal photos.


For this design, cut 3×3 squares from the 6×6 sheet of paper. If the paper is double sided, one sheet will yield two designs for you. I think this is my favorite way to use 6×6 sheets to create a 12×12 layout.

Distress Strips

For this design, I trimmed 1×6 inch strips from four different patterns and lined them up across the page. The papers I used all have a similar pattern, but you could use any combination of pattern papers. This is another design that could be flipped in any direction to suit the photos you want to use. It would also easily create a 2-page layou if you add strips all the way to the edge, meeting the strips in the middle.

Why I love 6×6 papers

While 6×6 paper pads might be more popular with cardmakers, I think there are many benefits of 6×6 paper pads for scrapbookers too. Here are some of the reasons why I have been drawn to 6×6 paper pads recently:

  • Scaled down patterns. I can find it difficult to use larger patterns, even if I absolutely love the design. But scaled down into the 6×6 size, suddenly that bold pattern is easier to use on a layout.
  • Price. The 6×6 pads usually range in price from $5.99 – $7.99. If you buy a collection pack of 12×12 papers, it’s going to run you $14.99 – $18.99 (yes, with some stickers too, but mostly papers). If there’s line that you really like but can’t afford the large collection, a 6×6 pad is a great alternative
  • Less Waste. The base for my layouts is usually cardstock, it’s rare that I use a full sheet of 12x 12 pattern paper on a layout. I find that I can use a 6×6 sheet in the same way, trim what I need and there’s less scraps leftover.

And speaking of scraps, on Thursday I’ll be sharing some fun embellishments I created with the scraps leftover from one of these layouts.

Are you using 6×6 paper pads in your scrapbooking?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I love the scaled down patterns in the 6×6 size. Great templates. I’m partial to the grid

  2. you always have such great ideas!!- you know i never buy the 6×6 pads. maybe i should!

  3. Cute ideas! I’ve actually started buying a few pads here and there lately because I find that sometimes paper that I find overpowering in 12×12 looks worlds better in 6×6.

  4. Great ideas could make a mini album.

  5. You know, you just sold me on 6×6 pads as a way to cut back on waste!
    I actually did use 6×6 papers on few layouts recently.
    But I rarely if ever use a whole sheet of 12×12. Occasionally as a background.
    But mostly in pieces 🙂

    Love that grid design!!!

  6. Love this post. I want to pin the whole thing to pinterest!!! I have a whole box of 6 x 6 pads and suddenly they aren’t just for cards. Thank you!

  7. I do love 6×6 pads!! So much fun in such a little package! I don’t use them in scrapbooking though which is weird to me… Great ideas! Love the grid!

  8. Great layout sketches with your 6×6 papers 🙂
    I may have to use some of these when I get into scrappin’ again 🙂

  9. You always have such great posts! I love the distress strips. Will have to try that. I usually use 6×6 for making cards, because I like that the pattern is scaled down. I often use the scraps from making the cards on a 12×12, but I don’t start with a full sheet. Go figure!



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