Kits For The Weekend

Still busy over here. It might be several days before I get another day off. It’s putting a serious cramp in getting projects done and writing posts. I am so tired when I get home that I’ve pretty much caught up the last 5 or so episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Castle. Bonus.

One of the things that’s been bugging me all week is I have a new box of scrappy supplies taunting me because I haven’t been able to dig in and play. So last night, knowing I didn’t have the energy to create, I knew I could at least get the paper out of the box and see what I could find to go along with them.

New Fancy Pants collections. Loving the colors. Blue and yellow — always a winning combo. Nautical reds and blues — perfect for tropical Florida. Masculine colors — perfect for nephew photos.

Let’s see what I can dig out of the stash to go along with them….

I think I did OK! Not sure what it is about combining products together, but once I see everything all piled up, I begin to see the possibilities. Ideas for pages. Different techniques that might work. Certain photos I could scrap with one or the other.

Tomorrow I’m off at 3 PM. If I’m not too tired, you know where you’ll be able to find me all evening!

Any big plans for your weekend ahead?

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. What a fun looking group of supplies! Hope you are able to get in lots of crafty time over the weekend. We’re scheduled to have a new roof put on today, attend a wedding tomorrow, work on the front flowerbeds, and hopefully see the new Star Trek movie. Maybe in between I’ll sneak in a little scrapping.

  2. Sorry your schedule has been so crazy! I just started working again part time subbing at my kids school, and just that has thrown me for a loop! I can’t imagine more than that!
    Hope you find some time to create soon 🙂

  3. Sometimes just shopping your stash is enough! Hope you got some time to create this weekend.

  4. I’d say you did much more than “okay”. Who wouldn’t love to come help you use all those goodies up. Happy scrapping!


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