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Happy Friday! I am so happy the weekend is almost here. How precious these 48 hours on the weekend have become in such a short time. I’d forgotten how much I used to cram into two days off. It will be no different this weekend. Errands, laundry, cooking, cleaning, watching a movie, crafting time, catching up on emails and paying bills….. Oh, the fun never ends. Do you have big plans for the weekend?

Today, I’m sharing a little journaling inspiration for the weekend. One of my favorite journaling techniques is list journaling. So today, I’m sharing a list (an idea that I’m totally stealing from Sara B!) of how I’m feeling right now….

The sunrise on my commute...

Happy about the cooler temps and colorful trees

Dreading the cold weather

Glad to be working again

Eager to listen to books on my iPhone during my hour long commute twice a day

Thrilled to wear something besides jeans and t-shirts every day

Scared that there won’t be a full time job for me when this temporary assignment is over

Frustrated that the only way to get a buyer for the house is to drop the price to nothing

Re-committed to my daily workouts and yoga twice a week

Motivated to get some crafting done this weekend

So, what’s going on with you right now? Jot down a list and create your own layout this weekend!


  1. love the inspiration!!!

  2. Fun post! I love this type of journaling too. Many thanks for the shout out! I actually got this idea from Elise Blaha…. I’m happy to see others enjoying it too! 🙂

  3. Great inspiration for journalling. Thanks for sharing. Becky x

  4. Love list journaling!
    So much easier for me sometimes than trying to write paragraphs!
    Just lots of family fun this weekend.
    Probably not a lot of crafting time.

  5. I too love list journaling, seems so much easier for some reason. What a beautiful picture and must be nice to see that on your way in every morning. I hope you’re able to get everything done this weekend. I have learned over the years to really enjoy my weekends. I get my laundry and cleaning done on Wednesday night, grocery shopping on Thursday so I can have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to completely enjoy.

  6. Fun post to read, love the list approach! Glad you are enjoying being back to work and coping with the changes in your flow of life.

  7. What a neat post.
    This is such a cool idea to do monthly and see what the difference is monthly.
    I may nab this for myself 😉

  8. What a great journal idea – thank you.

  9. That’s a great idea!! I love making list!

  10. Sounds like life is pretty busy right now Tammy and it’s taking some time to adjust to the new schedule. We are finally settling back into some routines now that Robbie’s been full-time for two months . . . but I sure do miss all that time we had together while he was in between jobs! :>(



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