Journaling Cards | A Storage Idea

More and more companies are coming out with pads and packs of 4×6 and 3×4 journaling cards and I have accumulated quite a bit stack of them.

I can’t have stacks of stuff sitting randomly in my space. It drives me batty. I can’t have them on my work table when I’m working because it’s too small. They get moved. And then I forget about them. I need them contained and it got me to thinking about storage ideas.

My logical left brain wants to keep the cards on on the pad, organized along with the other cards in the set. My creative right brain (…when it shows up…) wants to take all the cards apart so they are easier to flip through and mix up.

How can I do both?

Here’s where I went. I took each card off the adhesive strip from the pack but clipped them together along with the line they are from. 4×6 in front with the 3×4 cards behind.

For some reason, it’s just easier when they are not bound on a pad. It also solves the problem of when you tear one off and then don’t use it. The loose ones won’t fall to the floor anymore. The newest cards I have fit nicely in this little tin box that had been sitting empty on a shelf. Much better filled up with pretty cards!

The binder clip keeps them together so I can flip through them quickly if I know that I want a card from a particular line. But I have the flexibility of spreading them out to find mix up possibilities. The best of both worlds.

I should mention that this is not ALL of my journaling cards. It does not include my Project Life stuff or other journaling spots. These are just new cards that have come out in the last year or so. My little work area is too small to do something that would contain everything but this works now for all the newer stuff I want to keep fresh in mind.

So, how are you sorting and storing your journaling cards?

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  1. Great idea!
    I have a brown wicker basket on my counter from Michael’s that I call my journaling basket. It has a smaller tin like yours that I got at the target dollar spot holding all sorts of tags. Then another small basket holding journaling cards and spots.
    Behind those are stored my label and tiny alphabet stickers

  2. I love your idea. I have been struggling with how to keep my new journal pads. I don’t like the bound together either, but wasn’t sure how I should keep them. I am going to try your idea. Gives me flexibility. Thanks.

  3. I have much the same dilemma of storage as you. I have them stored in a couple different places – some in my Project Life tray (including lots of free printables) and some 3 x 4 pads in a small basket. Then I still have a few older ones in my journaling basket with other journal spots – these are ones that were that same size but prior to the PL craze. I don’t have as many as you, but these are addictive so I’ll be catching up in no time if I don’t watch myself. I too use those binder clips once the pad starts to fall apart.

  4. i’m starting to have quite a few too, and they’re basically everywhere in my room. in a bowl, as full sheets in the drawers, mixed with my PL supplies… i really need do come up with some solution… soon!

  5. What a wonderful idea & they looks so happy and content in the bin! I keep my journaling cards by color in my color bins, but I’ve been thinking about a small box or tin to keep handy right on my desk …… as soon as I figure out what I want to put the washi tape in that has outgrown its bucket! LOL

  6. It is so nice when everything is organized isn’t it 🙂
    So glad you could use my binder clip tip, I love them, I use them for so many things. I am sure you will love them this way 🙂
    Looks great Tammy 🙂

  7. That’s a great idea! Mine are all dumped loosely in an Iris plastic container, so they could definitely stand to be more organized. If I took them all apart, the OCD side of me might even be tempted to group them together by color……

  8. This looks so nice. All organized and pretty too. Mine are sorted and organized, but I could be doing more.

  9. what a great system- you are making me want to go out and get some cards!

  10. Great solution Tammy! I have all of mine, except Project Life, thrown in a basket.

  11. love this idea! I haven’t bought any of those pads for the simple reason that I didn’t know how I would store and successfully use them – HA!



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