Inspiring Me Right Now…

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration from time to time? I like to spend my weekend mornings cruising the Internet looking for a little inspiration myself. It’s really the only time I get to do it these days — in between all the errands and chores and cooking and relaxing.

Thought I would share a few things I found recently that are really inspiring me right now:

1. Pinterest – what did we do before we had this resource? Type in anything that interests you and you’ll find a plethora of links right at your fingertips. With December fast approaching, I wanted to see how people are doing their December Daily albums this year. Pinterest does not disappoint. Endless December Daily inspiration here.

2.  Unusual color combo.

I love grey with yellow but hadn’t shifted to grey + green. I totally need to do a layout with these colors.

3. iPhone Photo apps – if I could take photos that looked this good

with my iPhone, I might take more. I’ve never been that attracted to the photos people are taking with the Hipstamatic and Instagram filters. They just don’t really appeal to me. But these apps have color, not just the grainy, desaturated, vintage look. I really want to try Camera +.

4. New essentials – from Echo Park. So when will this paper be available? I think I’m going to love it just as much as Dots and Stripes.

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

5. Saw this layout at Crate Paper’s blog:

and it sparked a fun idea for a future layout. Love it when that happens. I might even have time to work on it over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

So, what is inspiring you right now?


  1. oh lots and lots of great inspiration tammy!

  2. I agree. I don’t get the allure of the grainy vintage filters. Every time I see friends post them on Facebook, I can’t seem to get past the “yup, that’s a Hipstamatic pic” thought.

  3. I’m right there with you on Pintrest. It’s sort of like “what did we do before the Internet?” Love it!

  4. I love Pinterest! And that new photo app seems to be amazing! Right now, it’s all about Christmas for me. Lots of Holiday inspiration everywhere. 🙂


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