Inspired By: Favorite Layouts in 2013

Over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying blog posts from many friends out there recapping their favorite layouts in 2013. I was not on the ball enough to think of doing a post like that before the end of the year, but it did inspire me in a different way.

January is already proving to be a very busy month for me and it’s getting harder and harder to keep things up here. I needed some help so I went through my layouts from 2013 and selected a few favorites to scraplift. Why recreate the wheel when you can borrow your own ideas?

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing the new layouts I created in my very limited free time based on these favorites:

Loved the design. Not loving the subject as my birthday is coming up again. As the story goes, in 2013 I decided to stop counting them.  At least that BIG one is out of the way. But still. Not counting. Anymore. Moving right along…

Still loving the pattern paper strips. And the twine swirls. And the wood veneer stars. Yep, still a favorite.

How about a 2-pager? Color me surprised. Double pagers aren’t usually favorites in the grand scheme but I love the row of photos on the right. And I loved that paper collection. Not sure that I’ll be making another 2-pager, but we’ll just have to see.

And finally this one. The grid. Gotta love a good grid!

Once upon a time, there were some negatives surrounding the idea of scraplifting. Most of it was associated with being published in magazines, work created for contests and occasionally work submitted for design team spots. But now that the publishing world has changed, the contests are a thing of the past and there is just so much inspiration out there coming at us from all directions, I don’t think people are all that shocked anymore that someone wouldn’t always create a layout from scratch.

I’m sure designers still do for the most part, but they are compensated (in one way or another) for it. I do this for fun, for free and for me. I don’t care where the inspiration comes from, I am just happy there is plenty of inspiration to choose from.

So in this busy (and my most favorite) month, I am going to get a little help and not recreate the wheel for my next few layouts. I’ll take each of the layouts above in turn and scraplift them in some form or fashion. Sounds like fun, right? I hope you will join me and maybe you’ll be inspired to look at your own work and give yourself a break by scraplifting your own pages.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. great shares and super fun idea to take inspiration from them!!!

  2. Great pages, all worthy of scrap lifting. Is there really anything completely original any more?

  3. I can see why those are among your favorites. I am completely supportive of protecting original creative property – but you can add me to those who think there is hardly anything truly original anymore – a personal touch here and there, yes. But the Internet has allowed so much sharing that we cannot help but be influenced by others. This is especially true in scrapbooking, where piecing together this and that is the essence of the activity. As long as everyone does their best to be honest about how much lifting is done, I think it is fine. And at the same time, I think that designers are often placed in the position of scrapping the same photos over and over again just to meet deadlines for pushing product. The historian part of the scrapbooker in me thinks that is the bigger shame. So I think you should revel in getting a bunch of quick pages done featuring photos you really want scrapped.

  4. These are all wonderful pages, so I can see why you’d use them for inspiration. 🙂

  5. Great layouts! I really love the gamers lo. Great design, awesome papers. I may have to lift that myself.

  6. Great pages, can totally see why they are your favourites! It is so nice to see them all together like that… I see that you have a great eye for balancing pattern and combining multiple colours, and very strong sense of design. Lovely!!

  7. I love all of these pages. No wonder, they were your choice for scraplifting. I especially loved the gamers layout. The colors, the arrow, the string,…just everything.

  8. Beautiful layouts, I can see why they’ve inspired you again and I’m looking forward to seeing how you approach the designs!

  9. I love the colors with the black, yellow, and lt. blue layout.

  10. Count me in on loving the gamers layout too. I agree you have a great eye for balance and detail. Awesome pages. Always happy to see your posts. Michelle t.

  11. Awesome layouts!!!
    I love the first one, your birthday layout is great.
    I agree with you on sketches.
    As a knitter I follow a pattern, also when I sew, crochet and quilt.
    I have let go of scrapping my own sketches and work off of others and it is just more fun that way 🙂

  12. Love your take on the grid!

  13. These are sooo good! They give me so much inspiration too and I’m looking forward to seeing what you will make next, having these as inspiration! I’m sure it will turn out amazing!

  14. Really love the patterns and colors on that first one so much!

  15. There always was such a big to do about scrap lifting wasn’t there? I think this is a great idea to scrap lift your favorites, and you picked some great ones!!

  16. Great pages, Tammy!
    I think scraplifting is definitely ok with credit.
    I have scraplifted quite a few layouts. And even myself 🙂
    Turning 40 was not too fun here, but now I am glad I am past that birthday, too 🙂

  17. what great layouts
    i can see why they are your faves
    love the gamers!!

  18. Looking forward to seeing your new layouts based on these favorites. I’m working with some sketches this month, something I didn’t do as much of last year. I still enjoy using them for inspiration.



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