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I created this fun layout last weekend and couldn’t wait to share it!

I’ve been finding ways to scrapbook some of my ephemera lately. Project Life is where these kinds of bits and pieces go now, but I have years of saved treasures that I still want to scrapbook in some way. I finally did something with all those movie tickets. And now, a few weeks ago, I was seeing some different layouts with envelopes and pockets pop up in the online galleries.

I loved this page from Jill Sprott for 2Peas — which is what inspired my layout — but I also loved this page from Ashli (aka soapHOUSE mama). Both examples used the love note idea as it was right around Valentine’s day, but I went in an entirely different direction.

I thought it would be fun to add random bits and pieces to all the pockets. Post cards. Airline tickets. A hotel key card. A romance card from a makeup collection. An insert from a DVD. Tags from new handbags. All random. All pulled from my 2008 ephemera folders. Things that I probably could have included on other layouts from 2008, but just never got around to doing it.

There’s nothing super special here. There’s nothing that really needed a long explanation. It’s just a hodge podge of things that I didn’t throw away. I included my journaling under the folder flap that my title sits on. I talked about how I would have loved to come across a collection of things like this saved from my grandmother from the 50’s or from my own mother from the 70’s. Just a little slice of life.

And now that this layout is complete, I plan to weed out my collection of stuff. Once it gets on a page, I don’t generally feel a pressing need to keep saving stuff from the same year. Unless I have a specific need and layout in mind, what’s left over will hit the recycle bin!

Are you good at saving and scrapbooking bits of ephemera and actually using them?

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  1. I love how you have all of these bits and pieces all layered up, Tammy. Such a great page!

  2. Love this! ‘A little slice of life’ is a perfect description, it’s intriguing to look at all the bits together, and it’s quite fun not to know the ‘whole story’ as it makes you imagine your own details! x

  3. This is a wonderful idea! I would love this for a vacation album too. I might have saved one or two items from past years, but I’m better at saving current items, mostly for project life.

  4. i love pockets!! very very fun! i think i am going to have to do one of these for our vacation this summer! i always make them for the boys but not for me

  5. I so love this!

    I’m with you on the getting rid of stuff. I’m working on a post about chucking all my leftover wedding stuff.

  6. Such a fun page!
    I am definitely including tons of receipts and other little goodies in our Florida trip album!

  7. this is so crazy it is awesome 🙂

  8. I kept a little album one year and just added bits & pieces to it from life…it is so neat to look back on. This page will be great to look back on! The everyday things…like old labels and old ads, etc were what I always found interesting when I looked at my grandparent’s old things when we cleaned out thier house…bits of everyday life.

  9. I love this idea & might use it for a group of travel memorabilia!

  10. This is such a fun layout.
    I like everything in the pockets but yet peeking out to see each one 🙂

  11. Totally love this!!! Thanks for the sweet mention too 🙂 I like yours best!

  12. I love the ideas of the pockets. I know it would be great to find some of this stuff from long ago.
    Thanks for sharing!


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