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Welcome to the Happiness Blog Hop, brought to you buy Scrapworthy Lives! You should have arrived here from Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking. If you didn’t, no worries. There’s a complete list of participants at the end of this post.

This month the we are focusing on pursing a passion. One of the ways to discover a passion, Gretchen Ruben talks about in her book, The Happiness Project, is to think about what you did for fun when you were 10 years old.

I have vivid memories of several things:

credit: http://www.journeytocouture.com/2007/uncategorized/fashion-plates/

1. Coloring and playing with Fashion Plates. Do you remember these things? I could play with them for hours, making various fashion creations and coloring them in with outrageous color combinations.

credit: http://www.1000barbies.com/

2. Playing with Barbies. In my room, Barbie and Ken got married at least once a week. My Barbies lead exciting lives, jetting off to New York for photo shoots or riding around San Franscisco in the corvette convertible.

credit: http://cathysbestyearofherlife.wordpress.com

3. Since I had quite the imagination (see #1 and #2 above), I was also full of make believe stories. I had quite the assortment of imaginary friends with whom I went on exotic adventures with. Thank goodness for my “Diary” where I recorded some of these gems.

Because the first and second were so closely related, the casual observer might have thought I would have pursued a career in the fashion industry… Ha. Seriously though, it’s the third one that occupied many, many hours of my childhood and teenage years. For the longest time I wanted to be an author.

Truth be told, I still do. Maybe one day I’ll write one of the fifty novels I’ve plotted in my head over the years. My problem has always been that I can’t stick to any story line long enough to keep my interest. As soon as I get started, my mind wanders to new characters and circumstances that have nothing to do with the original story.

I guess it really isn’t that surprising that my true passion came in the form of scrapbooking. Taking the creative energy I enjoyed coloring in fashion images, applying it to my own real life adventures and documenting the stories so I never forget them was a natural fit. And since the photos and stories are constantly different (not to mention the supplies!) I’m never bored!

So, what you did for fun when you were 10 years old? Does it relate to what you are passionate about today?

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  1. what great memories!

  2. Oh, I loved fashion plates. SO much fun!

  3. seeing those pics…my childhood came flooding back to mind…fun times…

  4. LOVED fashion plates when I was younger! I have a board on Pinterest where I have pinned some of my favorite toys from the past. I can’t remember if I added Fashion Plates or not, but need to if I haven’t 🙂

  5. Oh how I loved fashion plates! They were awesome!!!! They were actually my sisters and I “borrowed” them 🙂

  6. The two things I remembered wanting to do most when I was ten years old was be a mother to a lot of children (my best friend and next door neighbor had huge pretend families in her backyard) and a teacher. I also remember in high school wanting to be a writer. I wrote a romance novel once that got passed around the bus on a field trip. But that’s as far as that career went!

  7. What a great post and trip down memory lane. Fun stuff!

  8. I totally loved Fashion Plates, and barbies, which are just the 3D version right.

  9. I LOVED my fashion plates! Such fun memories!! Thanks for sharing….I had forgotten all about those!!

  10. I love Gretchen’s book! I also played with Barbies….a lot. My friends and I made a “town,” with shops and restaurants. Good times. Thanks for a fun post!

  11. I used to pretend to be a teacher, but love art time 🙂
    I too had many diaries. Still do. I also have so many stories in my head. I keep thinking I am going to write a novel, but I keep jumping from story to story 🙂
    As for Ken and Barbie…ummmm I can’t tell you what I used to make them do 😉



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