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Welcome to the Happiness Blog Hop, brought to you by Scrapworthy Lives! You should have arrived here from This Kalil Life. If you didn’t, no worries. There’s a complete list of blog hop participants at the end of this post.

This month’s theme was Boot Camp Perfect – to implement and practice all of the topics from the year all at the same time. I’m not sure how anyone can actually achieve that, so instead of setting myself up for failure, I looked back through all the months and picked out the one overriding theme that I would like to carry into 2012.

One of the things Gretchen Rubin stresses in many different ways throughout the book, The Happiness Project, is to figure out what you like, what makes you tick and do that. Over and over, as often as possible. Said a different way: know thyself.

One of the things that centers me, that makes me happy, is scrapbooking. (Of course!) But I haven’t been scrapbooking much lately. I’m not sure if it’s because my scrapbooking space isn’t working for me or if it’s because so much of my stuff is packed away or if I haven’t been inspired. Maybe it’s just the terrible funk I’ve been in waiting for this house to sell.

Whatever it is, it’s time to snap out of it! So, if one of the keys to being happy is to do the things you love, I need to start scrapbooking more.  And thanks to Stacy Julian and her Twelve class at Big Picture (there’s still time to sign up – you have until January 4th!), I’ll be doing just that. I really wanted a jump start my creativity in the new year and wanted a reason to be running to my scrap space often.

And let me also say, Happy January and Welcome 2012!

I love January. It’s my favorite month of the year. January is my birthday month and it’s also the month of clean slates and fresh starts. Now that the holidays are over I’ll start eating better and I’ll be exercising more and when I start scrapbooking more, the happiness will return. I can already feel that 2012 is going to be a fabulous year!

So what makes you happy? Are you making plans to make sure you do more of it in 2012?

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  1. happy new year tammy!

  2. I totally believe that you should find what you love and do it. I spend a lot of time doing what other people like or what I’m suppose to do and that doesn’t make me happy. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh what a great idea! I loved the Happiness Project when I read it a few years ago.

  4. Hope you are able to scrap more!!
    And that the house sells 🙂
    For 2012 I am just wanting to scrap as many projects as possible and focus on being healthy. 🙂
    Happy New Year, Tammy!

  5. Enjoy your birthday!! I hope you find more time to do what makes you happy. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Twelve class. I couldn’t afford to do that one this year, so I’m so envious. 😉

    Good luck with the house!

  6. I love January for the same reasons as you, well except for it being my birth month 😉 I have one 2011 layout to complete and then I’m ready to completely focus on Project Life for 2012 which has renewed my creativity, I think. Ha! I love your positive outlook and I too think 2012 will be a fabulous year!

  7. I’m so glad you’re in the Twelve workshop, too, Tammy! I haven’t really looked at the classroom yet as we just returned today from a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean. I’m catching up on email & blog reading in between unpacking & laundry, so I can concentrate on my new classes in the next couple of days.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year! I am totally doing what I like and what makes me happy this year. More photography and more scrapbooking that is for me, for fun, not just stuff to fulfill a requirement.

  9. I’m with you – a day without scrapping is no fun, and too many days without scrapping makes me grouchy! I need that creative release. Playing the piano is the same thing and I don’t do that often enough. I’d like to change that in 2012! Happy birthmonth!

  10. I am so excited that we both are taking the class! We will have to compare notes. I probably won’t be on the high production end of things but I am going to try! Happy 2012!


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