Guilt Easing Double Page Summer Layouts

Are you overwhelmed with all of the photos you’ve taken all summer long? It’s easy to feel a twinge of guilt as the photos pile up and you are enjoying time with your family. It’s hard to trade in scrapbooking time for memory making time, but that is what summer is all about.

But you can push away the guilt by creating a few quick and easy 2-page layouts that celebrate what you’ve been up to all summer. It can give you a feeling of productivity but allow you the free time to keep making memories through the last dog days of summer.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Highlights page – Did you attend a family reunion or take a fun vacation? Consider creating a highlights page with all of your favorite photos from that event or trip. Number each photo and create an easy journaling list that briefly describes each one.

Baseball season at a glance – Or insert soccer or sports camp or dancing or whatever activity your child is into. While there were probably standout performances that you’ll want to create individual pages for, consider making a dent in that stack of photos by creating a page with the best photos from the season.

Our summer so far – Have you had the opportunity to go on mini adventures to the zoo and the science center and visit local parks? Or maybe your family has taking in several baseball games throughout the summer. Instead of documenting each outing separately, put them all on one fun layout.

Each month as it happens – If you prefer to document in a chronological fashion, document your summer adventures by month. It keeps the events in order but allows you to show the best photos in one place and puts you that much further ahead! Check out Tami Taylor’s One Month At A Time series at Get It Scrapped.

Insta-shots – What are you doing with all of your camera phone photos and instagram shots? Why not take all of these random shots and combine them on one quick layout. Pages like this are fun to look back on years from now. Many everyday life photos just do not require a lot of journaling. Let your photos tell the story!

If you struggle with two-page layouts like I do, here are some sketches with many photos:

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

I hope this gives you some inspiration to scrapbook some of your favorite summer photos! As you are working, jot down some notes of the memories you want to create other layouts for. When the kids go back to school this fall, you can follow up with detailed pages.

It’s easy to feel the guilt when so many fun activities keep us from scrapbooking they way we want to. The idea here is to feel productive, that you got some of your family’s precious memories documented, but it still leaves you with time to enjoy the rest of the summer.

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  1. All great ideas! I love to create month or year in review pages. It really does make me feel that I am accomplishing a lot!
    Thanks for sharing the sketches!

  2. I’m about to embark on a summer summary type page so this post was very helpful. Thank you!

  3. super double page sketches! thanks for the inspiration

  4. I’m not usually a fan of two pagers but I like the way those look! Thanks for posting them.

  5. I love those two page sketches. Pagemaps usually has alot of good ones. I’ve cut way back on them to conserve space in my albums 🙂

  6. Really great ideas Tammy! I did a pretty good job this year, thanks to Project Life! For once I’m feeling semi caught up and not overwhelmed with my photos 🙂

  7. Great layouts for this type of project 🙂

  8. Great ideas! I probably do more two-pagers for summer layouts than any other time of year. You’re right, I always have tons more photos in the summer!

  9. I never let guilt enter my scrap room! I’ve used that first sketch before & loved how I could add so many photos & still have some embellishing space on the sides. Great inspiration in these sketches – hmm, wonder if I can finish my chores in half the time today & create a 2-page layout before time to cook supper. :>))


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