Goodbye Two Peas In A Bucket

The shot heard around the scrapbooking world this week is that Two Peas in a Bucket will close their doors on July 10th. I’ve know for months that something was up. There was a lot of speculation on the boards and the silence from Kristina and Jeffrey was very telling.

This is one of the first layouts I ever posted in the 2Peas gallery:


Can you point out everything that dates this page? Let’s see….the torn edges, the fibers, the metal rimmed vellum tag, the eyelets and the journaling on vellum. I think that gingham paper came from a Provo Craft slab. It’s not my style anymore, but I still love this page!

I don’t think a week has gone by in the last 12 years that I haven’t been over at Two Peas at some point lurking, posting, soaking up inspiration, learning, sharing, encouraging others, praising in the gallery, watching videos, laughing at silly NSBR posts, being puzzled by the controversies, pondering and discussing important topics like matte or glossy?, stalking the store for new products and just generally having an online home to hang out with people just as obsessed with pretty paper as I am.

Kristina and Jeffrey were truly pioneers in the online world and through their community I learned so much about what it means to be a memory keeper. Two Peas wasn’t just a store, it was a community. A place where scrappers and paper crafters could congregate, ask questions, learn from each other, hang out, and soak up inspiration.

But I was a customer too. My very first online purchase of scrapbook supplies was from 2Peas. I went back and looked at my order history and some of the things I bought in that first purchase in 2003 were Frame Ups from My Mind’s Eye, O’Scrap! die cuts, SEI’s Serendipity papers and Chatterbox Rec Room collection.

I am really sad that this is an end of an era. I will miss the community and the store, that for many years, always stocked the latest and the greatest. And I will miss the morning blog post as it was one of the ways I kept up with all of my blogging friends. Where do we go to post our updates now?

Thank you for indulging me in this trip down memory lane. RIP Two Peas.




  1. Well written, Tammy. I was also wondering about where to post blog updates.

  2. I will miss them too. Thanks for showing us your early page – you’ve come a long way baby!

  3. I know, right? I met all of you (my blog friends) thru 2ps!
    And I think I made my first online purchase there as well. The beginning of my scrap shopping addiction lol!

  4. Perfectly written Tammy. I’ll miss the message boards too as that’s where I met all of my bloggy friends, for the most part.

  5. I really like your first layout! And pretty pics too. It’s really sad about two peas, it feels like this industry is shrinking further. I don’t have any lss in my area, and an online venue closing leaves a gap. I didn’t participate in the community but it was such a valuable resource. It’s a shame about the classes too. Very well written, Tammy. Michelle t

  6. I too was very sad and a bit surprised that 2Peas shut down.
    I was a member there for over 5 yrs and a lurker for a few before that.
    I know the messages boards were wondering about what was happening.
    I just wish they would have left the boards open for a bit to say our good byes and our thanks to this wonderful community that I visited daily 🙁
    Great layout…I love to see how everyone scrapbooks now and in the past 🙂


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