Currently | May 14, 2012

I love using this prompt as a list journaling technique. It’s a really easy way to come up with a variety of things about your life right now. Pair it with a recent photo and you have a scrapbook page in the making.

I am currently…

Interesting colors in this one - it's an overcast day so no bright sunlight.

Meeting – my new neighbors. My condo opens out to this lovely pond and there are always an assortment of ducks in the water and on the grass to greet you. Have not met any neighbors of the human kind yet.

Working – on an organizational post for Wednesday and a crafty post for Friday. Trying to get back in the groove now that things are getting settled. Will get the last boxes unpacked this week and I hope to put up some art work and photos soon. I’m setting up my crafting space now and will be sharing ideas along the way.

Eatingbaked oatmeal and strawberry banana greek yogurt. Finally found all of my baking pans so I’m back to my usual breakfast. Toast was easy but getting old. And I will be brewing coffee momentarily because I can’t seem to wake up this morning.

Anxious – to start working out again. Moving is exhausting and draining and has consumed most of my time this past week. I need to start setting aside time to workout every day.

Looking forward – to the daily afternoon thunder storms. It’s my favorite thing about summer in Florida.

Hunting – for a job. Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, I cannot put it off any longer. Fingers crossed that something good is out there waiting for me.

WatchingDownton Abbey on Netflix. Have heard so much hype about this show so I had to see it for myself. Totally lives up to everything I’ve heard. I’m hooked and I also got my parents hooked. Awesome show.

Needing – to run to the grocery store and drop off my latest bags of packing paper and empty boxes to the recycling bins. So off I go, to get another day of unpacking and organizing started.

What’s on your agenda today?

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  1. sounds like a lot of good things going on!

  2. Love the prompts!!

    Thanks for the idea of recycling the packing paper! I get tons of it at work 🙂

  3. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!
    I have been wanting to watch Downtown Abbey on Netflix, but have put it off because I am watching a few other shows right now. And the episodes are pretty long.
    But this summer I will have more tv time and plan to start watching then!

    Good luck with the job hunt!!!

  4. Those were not the kind of neighbors I was thinking of. Hahahaha! So happy you’re down to the last few boxes and I can’t wait for Wednesdays post!

  5. Glad you met your new neighbors, even if they do waddle, teehee.
    Looks like a nice area.
    Good luck on the job search 🙂

  6. sounds like you are having fun! Good luck on the job hunt!

  7. Yes, the list technique is a good one! Best wishes for a quick and successful job search!


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