Currently | List Journaling Vol. 3

I love using list journaling to prompt ideas for scrapbook pages. This “Currently” list is an easy way to come up with a variety of things about your life…right now. Pair it with a recent photo and you have a scrapbook page in the making.


I am currently…

Watching…the sun rise on my way to work on these late October mornings.

Enjoying…the cooler weather. And by cooler I mean our highs have been staying below 90 degrees. Finally.

Eating…Kind bars. So good.

Making…a sweater. Crocheting actually. I’ve been in a very nesting mood lately.

Excited for…a family Thanksgiving get together in a few weeks.

Listening to…the “…In Death” series in the car on my commute.

Wishing…my body would heal from my surgery already and not hurt every time I workout.

Taking…a couple of mental health days off soon. Just because.

Loving…Snow Angel bath gel and lotion from Philosophy. Most. Favorite. Scent. Ever.

Looking forward to…some crafty time this weekend. This has been a stressful week.

What’s going on in your world?

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  1. Below 90!! They are calling for 26 tomorrow AM. Haha!! But it was 85 on Sunday… Man, what I wouldn’t give for a couple of mental health days, I’m really feeling it from this new job.

  2. I hope you continue to heal! The weather’s turned cool here (in the 70s most days), so it’s really nice to be outside when I can.

  3. I think I have read pretty much every book in the “In Death” series. One of my favorite series. 🙂
    I’m sorry the healing process is going so slow.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hope you get to feel back to yourself!!! Just got word that I will have most of the week “free” so I am one happy camper!!! Going to make my to do list 🙂


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