Creating From An Inspiration Point

Everyone has their own process for creating layouts and projects.

I tend to start with the photo. I respond best to visuals so I’ll find the photos, go searching for products, come up with an angle or story for my layout and then start creating. But photos aren’t the only place you can start. Inspiration can play a role as well and you can shake up your process if you start creating from a different place.

Let inspiration guide you

I was on design-seeds the other day, just searching through color palettes when I came across a pretty combination:

It it rare, but occasionally, something like this sparks an idea and I want to drop everything I’m doing and just go create. This palette inspired me like that. I love the red + aqua combination and now that I’m back in Florida, I see it all the time in nature. Bright blue skies, red flowers. So inspired, I wanted to create something.

Making changes to the creation process

When I start with photos, I have a sense for what I need to do with my layout. The photos set the agenda — seasonal, theme, everyday life, etc… — and I go from there. When I start with an inspiration piece, everything is mixed up. In the case of this color palette, IΒ pulled out my paper collections to see what I had. Just my luck, I had recently purchased aΒ 6×6 pack of Bo Bunny’s Alora collection, that includes red, aqua and a lovely lime green. Perfect.

From there I try to find photos that will work with the colors. If the photos don’t coordinate, nothing will come together. The papers are whimsical, due to the doodled prints. In my stack of spring break photos, I had some great ones of my Mom and my nephew making ice cream sundaes. Colors work.

At this point, I know my products, I know my photos, I have a story in mind, now I need a design. A quick search through sketches I’ve pinned to Pinterest and I found the perfect one — fun, whimsical and has the right number of photos:

After cropping a few photos, making a few more product selections, I was ready to create.

My process for this layout

  • Start with color palette
  • Search for products with the same colors
  • Find photos that coordinate with the whimsical nature of the products
  • Find a sketch that works with my photos and gives me enough room to journal the story
  • Create the layout
  • Embellish as needed

Big tip: 6×6 paper pads are perfect for small die cuts like banners. Because the patterns are scaled down, you can actually use florals and other fun prints as you’ll actually be able to see more of the print on the small die cut.

Change can be good

There are many different ways to start the creation process. I will probably always be most comfortable starting with the photos and going from there. But when you challenge yourself to start in a different place — with the story or products or a color palette – it can shake up your process. You never know what creativity will flow when you shake things up.

How are you most comfortable starting your projects and where do you think you could shake things up?

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  1. I almost always start with either the photos or a sketch, but I’ve been mixing it up more & more lately and occasionaly start with a product.

  2. I haven’t used colour swatches for a while but that one is beautiful. I love design seeds and you have done a great job. Lovely.

  3. Great great layout. Thank you for the break down on your process.

  4. Love that you combined the two inspirations, the sketch and colors, to make your page! It turned out beautifully!

  5. I love your color inspiration and then how everything came together to create a beautiful layout. Thanks for sharing your process.

  6. Lovely layout! Thanks for sharing your creative process — a wonderful mini-tutorial! πŸ™‚

  7. what a great layout and the colors are so wonderful- great look into the process!!

  8. Loving the combined challanges– thos colors look awesome!

  9. I love your inspiration picture and I’m definitely going to have to check out that website! Your layout turned out awesome, such a cool banner!!!

  10. Love your page! The banners are great! I usually start with a photo….I suppose I could shake that up a bit and start with the papers, then find a pict to match!

  11. Cool look into your process… love those banners. Super cute layout!

  12. Love this peek at your process! Sometimes I have products that I just want to play with, so I start with that. Scary at first, but I always manage to find photos to use.

  13. Lovely layout.
    I love those banners πŸ™‚
    Great take on the sketch.
    I so need to do a few layouts. I was suppose to have 8 done by this time…I have one πŸ™
    Too many mini albums to create πŸ˜‰

  14. Oh, that is a pretty color combination. Love the layout you created with it!


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