Color Trends For 2011


I’ve been starting to see some buzz around the internet about color trends for 2011.

Nancy Nally has a great article up on Scrapbook Update right now about Pantone’s announcement of their color of the year for 2011 is:



That would be a pinkish tone.

It made me wonder — how much of an influence does the color of the year really have on us as scrapbookers?

The most notable impact would be on product development. Nancy was quick to point to several product lines in the last few months that heavily feature various shades of pink tones. In my own quick glance through some recent product releases, I found several others:

The American Crafts Love collection also heavily features turquoise, which was Pantone’s color for 2010. Looking back through 2010, there were several popular product lines that included various shades of turquoise. One of my very favorites was Pink Paislee/House of Three Parisian Anthology collection (oh how I love these ruffles). Basic Grey’s Marjolaine collection and Echo Park’s Life is Good collection, two others.

Well, I was thrilled with the 2010 color of turquoise. As a scrapbooker that gravitates to greens and blues (and scrapbooks two nephews), I was eager to pick up the turquoise influenced collections listed above. But pink is not a color that I’m naturally drawn to. I do like deep, bright pink colors, but soft pink is just not for me. And despite the fact that I recently posted a page I created using pink, it’s not a color I typically scrapbook with.

But if the latest scrapbook product collections are any indication, I’m going to be seeing a lot more of Honeysuckle  and pink in the months to come. And while it wasn’t my favorite collection ever, Curio is really starting to grow on me. That might be my next foray into pink.

What do you think about this color Honeysuckle? Do color trends have any sway over the colors you scrapbook with?


    • I love color in general, but pink is my least favorite. Maybe it will grow on me…

  1. I really don’t worry too much about trends and colors–I buy paper only if I like it etc. plus having boys i really dont gravitate to colors like honeysuckle.

    • That’s a good rule to shop by! 🙂 I understand about the boy thing – if it worked, I’d scrapbook my nephews with pink….but it never feels right! LOL.

  2. I too don’t really pay attention to trends in scrapbooking. I like what I like and tend to go with that.
    I also don’t follow fashion trends, my daughters can vouche for that, teehee.

    • I’m not a fashion trend follower either. But when it comes to scrapbooking products….I can’t help but get sucked in! I put my foot down and say no, I don’t think I want anything from that paper line. Then I see someone use it and think “Oh, that’s so cool. Now I need it!” I need to work on that….. 🙂

  3. great blog post!

  4. Interesting post Tammy! I would think honeysuckle would be yellow! Lol! I’m like Mary, I just buy the paper I like. 🙂

    • Right? You just pointed out one of the things that bothered me about this color. Honeysuckle flowers were I grew up were yellow! 🙂

  5. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  6. Yes and no. Sometimes the colors are something that I was not expecting and I just LOVE! Like when Chocolate overtook black. Now almost all my stamped images are chocolate. However, Sunflower is still my favorite color to accent/ scrap with!

  7. I’m not a big fan of pink, so maybe it’s good that I have a big stash, in case my purchases this year are limited!


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