Classy | A Scrapbook Layout

So…this month is just cruising right on by

I keep thinking that things are going to settle and slow down. It hasn’t happened yet. The new job is going well. I’m making new friends and have new opportunities opening up. It’s all good stuff but sometimes it feels a tad overwhelming. It’s harder and harder to keep up on all of the things that kept me sane when I was unemployed.

I am really missing my creative projects. I have so many ideas but after the chores and the errands and spending time with the people I love and relaxing a bit, I’m lucky if I can finish one layout on Sunday afternoon. I’ve turned into a weekend scrapper again. If only I could muster the creativity at night, after work. I make the attempt but I am rarely happy with the results. But I will keep plugging along.

Just a super quick layout to share today.

I ended up with the title “Classy” because I love that the boys will still only pose for a good photo if they can do a goofy one too. Classy just seemed to fit. And hurray — a layout where the blackboard Thickers finally worked! I’ve been hoarding them for far too long.

I knew I had these cell phone photos from my sister-in-law of my nephews on their first day of school. The quality isn’t great so I kept the prints small at just under 3×4. I thought they would pair up nicely with this bold graphic text print on the Smarty Pants 6×12 Elements paper.

That navy Blue Composition/Ledger background paper was screaming for some white mist splatters. I still have some White Mister Huey so I used it. I sprayed the paper one night during the week, but didn’t work on this until the weekend. The mist still smeared as I completed the layout. I think I will just water down plain white acrylic craft paint from now on.

I kept the embellishments simple. Just a few punched circles, brads, stars and wood veneer pieces and called it done.

(A quick personal note…my oldest nephew has recently voiced objection to having his photo posted online. Thankfully, he is mostly unaware of what I do here. But out of respect…I am going to blur his face in current photos. We all know I am not going to stop scrapbooking him or stop posting the layouts. But I can do this much. Teenagers! All we can do is sigh and love on ’em anyway.)

And that is all for today. Later this week I’m going to share some ideas for some stamps I picked up recently.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Such a fun and playful page, Tammy, just like the photos. 🙂

  2. This page turned out great! I understand about scrapping only on the weekends. It’s hard to find time to do it during the week!

  3. Love it! The colors really pop with the black background!

  4. I love it when they make goofy faces – makes for such fun photos to scrap. What a playful page you’ve created here. Nice!

  5. Very nice layout!

  6. What a great layout!!! You really captured the excitement and the energy of the first day of school with your choice of supplies! 🙂 Evie

  7. Fun page, Tammy!
    And I agree about the mist splatters.
    You know my son is starting to hate having his photo shared on line as much these days, too.
    So I have to ask his permission first before posting anything!

  8. Fabulous layout, love the star clusters! Sorry your nephew is an unwilling participant. lol

  9. Another fun, awesome layout Tammy 🙂
    So happy you are respecting your nephews privacy….but also happy you are still sharing your layouts 🙂

  10. so glad to hear the new job is going well! Love the way this layout turned out and the great contrast it has!

  11. I’m right there with you, a weekend scrapper. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I’m not sure what else to do. I absolutely love this layout, so fun!! I really need to try mixing water and paint, my mists smear too…

  12. Fabulous page! Love the subway art style title!

  13. What a fun layout! (I’m so glad you explained the blurred face – I was wondering what happened. I agree we have to make some concessions as they get older. And I have to be sure not to post anything my sister wouldn’t like! LOL)


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