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Oh my gracious. It feels like more than a week since I’ve been on this computer. Oh wait. It has been almost a week since I’ve been online! My TV and Internet were hooked up on Friday but I have been unpacking and running to Target and IKEA every day since.

I am happy to report that I survived Part 2 and Part 3 of my big move. My storage container arrived and I let out a huge yipee when I opened it up and it was MY stuff.

I was a bit worried it would get misplaced or worse. I’ve heard the horror stories. But this was the easiest way for me and it all worked out in the end. The big one was unloaded with the help of some local guys and the next day, my Dad and I unloaded the small one.

Can I just say how happy I am to be home? To be able to get help when you need it and not feel (too) guilty. My parents were troopers to help me get all my boxes and the rest of the furniture unloaded. In the heat. Mosquito bites and all.

This is what happens when you move from a 1,950 square foot house into a 1,100 square foot condo. You wouldn’t know that I got rid a bunch of furniture, not to mention a ton of scrapbooking supplies. There are more trips to Goodwill in my future.

One day, this will be a guest room. There is a bed under there. Somewhere. For now, it holds all the boxes and things I just can’t deal with yet. One day at a time!

Things really are going well…except for a certain pest control issue. It just takes time for the bait to work. Soon. Please.

I’m sad that I missed National Scrapbooking day. I was able to do a little online shopping, but there will be no scrapping for me until a few more boxes are unpacked. So off I go.

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  1. it will all be worth it once it is all settled! i bet you are happy that at least everything is in your new condo! good luck with organizing everything!

  2. Ugh! I hate moving. Good luck with the last part. Thanks for the thoughts on PL. I am going to stick to a 2 page spread per month this time around. Seems like an easy way to get started especially with how bad I am about taking photos.

  3. Yay for getting everything IN the condo! It will all get put away, some good motivation is getting to scrap, right?

  4. Have fun setting up your new home Tammy! When we moved to this house, I put ALL the boxes into the spare bedrooms and then brough them out one or two at a time. With Robbie’s collectibles & our books, it took a good while to unpack, but it never got to me because I could just close those doors and enjoy the rest of the house that was in order!

  5. So exciting!!! I am so happy for you.
    Now the fun begins, to make this house your home 🙂
    I love to unpack and organize.

  6. Wow, what a journey you have been on, selling your house and moving, and now the end is in sight! So happy for you, can’t wait to see you all settled in.


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