Spring Break 2014 | A Scrapbook Layout

The thing about taking blog breaks??? It’s so hard to get back into a regular posting schedule. I’ve had two layouts queued up for weeks and haven’t gotten around to writing a post or publishing. Bear with me…I am still here.

It certainly doesn’t help that I haven’t been feeling the mojo lately. I don’t publish everything I create and several of my layouts lately have gone straight into the scrapbook. The good news is, the creative wheels are slowly spinning again. I just need to make the time to turn some of these ideas into creations that get photographed, uploaded and posted.

Speaking of…I have a new layout to share today.

spring break

I love this summer collection, We Are Family, from Echo Park. The colors worked perfectly with this photo of me with my nephews (my oldest nephew is still against having too many photos posted online, hence the blurry face). And what better way to show off pattern papers than with a grid? It’s hard to tell from how this layout photographed, but I added the squares somewhat randomly. They don’t line up, they are not perfectly straight.  The scallop border helps soften the hard edges a bit. I also inked the outside edge with some navy ink.

spring break details

A few details: I added a few flashcards from the Healthy Heart collection from Jillibean Soup. The flair badges and arrow clips came from my stash. The white flowers that anchor the embellishment clusters are all cuts with my Silhouette. I sprinkled a few enamel dots and Doodlebug hearts around in each cluster to add in a little more blue and red.

No journaling to speak of on this one. This page will go into an album along with other pages from the same time/event so I wasn’t too concerned about writing anything specific here. It’s OK to have have some pages without any journaling. On this page, the photo and the flashcards say all I need to say.


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Talk to Me | A Scrapbook Layout


OK, friends. This blog is officially back online!

Four years ago today I hit publish on my very first blog post. 462 posts and 6,121 comments later, it was time for a change. New colors, new design, new logo. I’m still tweaking the design, but fingers crossed, there won’t be anymore down time.

How about a new layout?

I scrapped this one using my May Scraptastic kit. It was full of goodies from Pink Paislee’s Switchboard collection. The theme of the papers made me feel nostalgic, so I dug up some photos from high school. This layout is about my best friend growing up and our marathon phone conversations. We were pros!

Talk to Me details

A few details: I embossed a kraft tag that came in the kit with numbers to reinforce the numbers theme of the page, I turned my photos to black and white as they are all from the early 90’s and the colors were not compatible with the products I was using, I added our phone numbers  (it’s blurred here) to the phone journaling spot in the top right corner and I added our area code at the time – “509” – to the bottom right side.

This is one of those stories I might never have captured had it not been for the theme of the paper. I’m not one to get too themey with my layouts, but I really love how this turned out.

Who else spent hours and hours on the phone with their best friend in high school?

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Rainy Day At The Movies | A Scrapbook Layout


It’s been awhile. Again.

I have been a very neglectful blogger lately. And a neglectful scrapper too, as this layout has been on my table for weeks. But ever since my surgery in May, I’m finding it hard to stand at my scrap table for hours or even sit on the hard dining room table chairs for hours. I don’t find it easy to scrapbook from the comfort of the couch. Healing is the priority, so I just haven’t been doing much creating.

But it feels good that this one is finally done!

A rainy afternoon at the movies | www.yourmemoryconnection.com #scrapbooking

We took my nephews to see the Lego Movie when they were here on their Spring Break. Because I haven’t been creating Project Life layouts much lately either, I decided to add the memorabilia here. (My Project Life layouts is primarily where I put all of my memorabilla/ephemera these days.) I printed the movie poster along with my photos and added the movie ticket too.

A rainy afternoon at the movies - details | www.yourmemoryconnection.com #scrapbooking

I used a 3×4 journaling card to hold my title. No additional journaling necessary. The long title and all the stickers pretty much say it all. I like this layout design for two photos. Splitting the page in half, letting the strips of pattern paper show and tucking the other elements behind.

I am glad I was able to find an “awesome” sticker word in my stash. If you’ve seen the movie, you may remember the “everything is awesome” theme song. It played in my head for days…and days

And finally, just an FYI that I’m still working behind the scenes on the new website design for this blog. I need to take the site down occasionally as I work on it. Rest assured it’s not going away! I hope to make the transition by the end of the month.

Uh…that may be a mistake to say that out loud…but I did…..so I’ll try to make it happen!

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Using Scraps for Layout Foundations

Looking for a way to use up your scraps and to create a quick and easy layout?

I was going through my scrap drawers recently looking for a very specific grey color. As I was pulling out scraps and laying them on the table, it occurred to me how cool all the different sizes looked stacked on top of each other. It reminded me of a tip from one of Shimelle’s classes where she took scraps and built some different page foundations.

Just like that, an idea for a layout was born!

Using Scraps for Layout Foundations from www.yourmemeoryconnection.com #scrapbooking

All I did was pull out contrasting patterns and start stacking them from largest to smallest on the page. Once the idea took hold, I flipped through some printed photos and found these two of my oldest nephew. From the photos I was able to pull out the accent colors.

Tips for Using Scraps for Layout Foundations from www.yourmemoryconnection.com #scrapbooking

Using the same process, I pulled out a few pattern paper scraps from my yellow drawer to finish the background. And since I recently organized more of my embellishments by color, I was able to quickly find all the different aqua items to accent the page. A few journaling cards, a little washi tape, some bling and black paint splatters and my page was complete.

In case you were wondering, the journaling is behind the one of the background mats. I didn’t leave enough room for it on the layout, so I added it to a tag but it slipped below the mat. (Looking for some aqua ribbon to tie to the top now so it won’t get lost!)

When you are short on time and want to put together a layout quickly,  just search through your scrap drawer and start pulling out patterns you love. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the background can come together.

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Use Your Scraps | Quilted Background

I recently took one of those Meyers Briggs personality tests. If you are at all interested, you can find it here:  http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

I was fascinated by the results because they were so eerily accurate. I always knew that some things have always been hard for me, but after reading about my personality type (I’m an INTJ) I finally understood why. And the amazing thing is that now that I’m more conscious of it, I have been able to make a few shifts in the way that I approach those situations and it’s made a huge difference. I printed a ton of info from the Internet because I wanted to be able to remind myself of these things if I ever started to forget.

In addition, I have come to learn that many Capricorns are INTJ’s. Which lead to even more research and investigation. And more printing. And the pressing issue of…what to do with all these things? You guessed it…I had to create a pocket layout, of course.

I wasn’t really going for a work of art on the layout itself. I just wanted a photo and a place to hold all these papers. I ended up going through my orange scrap drawer and pulling out a bunch of coordinating papers. Using an old Quickutz rounded square shape, I punched all of the papers and started arranging them to cover the pocket.

Making a quilted background with pattern paper scraps from www.yourmemoryconnection.com

I used a full sheet of 12×12 cardstock. I knew that the pocket would be 6×12 so I folded the sheet in half to create a guide. Starting in the bottom left corner, I adhered my squares on the diagonal. The rounded corners provided the perfect place for a brad. I added one in between each square and that helped create the quilted look.

Making a quilted background with pattern paper scraps from www.yourmemoryconnection.com

After I added all of the brads, I folded down the other half of the card stock to cover up the brad posts. It gave a smooth edge to the back of the pocket so that I could slide all the papers in.

Here’s the completed layout:

Making a quilted background with pattern paper scraps from www.yourmemoryconnection.com #scrapbooking

The flap with my photo lifts up and that is where I added some journaling. I added a few butterflies, a flair badge, a quick title that I cut with my Silhouette and called it done.

Does your personality line up with your zodiac sign?

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Finally Home | A Scrapbook Layout

Just a quick layout to share today.

This page never would have come about were it not for my June Best Day of My Life Scraptastic kit. This is a pattern paper that I would not have gravitated too, probably never would have purchased, but am glad I had it to work with. I am so happy with how this layout turned out.

Finally Home  from www.yourmemoryconnection.com using the June Scraptastic Kit

That cityscape piece came as a single, plain wood veneer. I didn’t think that the wood matched the colors and tones in the paper or photo so I heat embossed it silver. The wood veneer took the embossing really well.  It’s a good reminder that if you are determined to use something that doesn’t match your project, think about how you can change or alter it to get it to work.

Finally Home  from www.yourmemoryconnection.com using the June Scraptastic KitMost of the paper came from the kit, as did the stickers and the flair. I added  in a project life card, some punched flowers, the doily and grey Thickers from my stash.

While I probably wouldn’t have picked this papers up myself, I love that kits like this can push me to create layouts I wouldn’t normally create. The paper inspired me to find a cityscape photo and when I landed on this one, I knew exactly what the story would be.

Do you ever let products inspire the story and photos for your layouts?

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Soakin’ Up The Sun | A Scrapbook Layout

Despite my typical aversion to two-page layouts, I have one to share today.

These photos are from 2009. Feels good to finally be getting around to them! I had about 100 shots of my nephews in the pool but only printed a handful. This is actually more photos than I print for most any event but I am very happy with this layout, so it all worked out.

Soakin up the Sun from www.yourmemoryconnection.com #scrapbooking #2pagelayout

I used a sketch from Scrapbook Generation, as that is pretty much the only way I can do 2 pagers anymore. This one was super easy as I used a 6×6 paper pad for the background papers, one pre-cut element and then used my punches to create all the embellishments. Super easy!

Soakin up the Sun from www.yourmemoryconnection.com

As I shared in a post earlier this week, the circle embellishments were punched out from a super busy (but really fun) pattern paper that I’ve had for years and could just never figure out how to use. I just punched out the circles and added in some additional embellishments.

I added some hand stitching to the die-cut sun piece and punched a few flags to add to the upper right corner. I purposely used a subtle pattern on the right side of the layout so that I could use that area for journaling. It ended up working perfectly to write my thoughts right there on the page. Which is better than not leaving room for it at all, which is what happens half the time!

The photos may be older, but this was a page that was worth catching up on.

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Goodbye Two Peas In A Bucket

The shot heard around the scrapbooking world this week is that Two Peas in a Bucket will close their doors on July 10th. I’ve know for months that something was up. There was a lot of speculation on the boards and the silence from Kristina and Jeffrey was very telling.

This is one of the first layouts I ever posted in the 2Peas gallery:


Can you point out everything that dates this page? Let’s see….the torn edges, the fibers, the metal rimmed vellum tag, the eyelets and the journaling on vellum. I think that gingham paper came from a Provo Craft slab. It’s not my style anymore, but I still love this page!

I don’t think a week has gone by in the last 12 years that I haven’t been over at Two Peas at some point lurking, posting, soaking up inspiration, learning, sharing, encouraging others, praising in the gallery, watching videos, laughing at silly NSBR posts, being puzzled by the controversies, pondering and discussing important topics like matte or glossy?, stalking the store for new products and just generally having an online home to hang out with people just as obsessed with pretty paper as I am.

Kristina and Jeffrey were truly pioneers in the online world and through their community I learned so much about what it means to be a memory keeper. Two Peas wasn’t just a store, it was a community. A place where scrappers and paper crafters could congregate, ask questions, learn from each other, hang out, and soak up inspiration.

But I was a customer too. My very first online purchase of scrapbook supplies was from 2Peas. I went back and looked at my order history and some of the things I bought in that first purchase in 2003 were Frame Ups from My Mind’s Eye, O’Scrap! die cuts, SEI’s Serendipity papers and Chatterbox Rec Room collection.

I am really sad that this is an end of an era. I will miss the community and the store, that for many years, always stocked the latest and the greatest. And I will miss the morning blog post as it was one of the ways I kept up with all of my blogging friends. Where do we go to post our updates now?

Thank you for indulging me in this trip down memory lane. RIP Two Peas.



A Little Of This, A Lot Of That | A Scrapbook Layout

Hurray! Back to the crafty postings…

When I returned to work last summer, I really started focusing on my health again. More fruits and veggies, less processed foods. I started taking a salad to work every day for lunch and it’s become such a habit that I have a hard time saying yes to eating out when co-workers ask. Sometimes the need to socialize overpowers the need to consume veggies, but more often than not, I eat my salad.

A Little Of This, A Lot Of That from www.yourmemoryconnection.com using Carta Bella #scrapbooking

This mandarin orange/cranberry/feta/walnut salad is my current favorite, so I snapped a photo to document this momentous achievement of actually eating veggies every day. I’m also loving Greek yogurt with berries, but only get to fix it for breakfast on the weekends.

A Little Of This, A Lot Of That from www.yourmemoryconnection.com using Carta Bella

This layout was all about the pre-made cards. The “This” and “That” cards came from the Pebbles Seen and Noted pack of 3×4 cards. The smaller square cards come from the Project Life Just Add Water core kit. And it’s older, but I am still loving the colors in these papers from the Carta Bella Hello Again collection. I used the Hello Chevron and the Small Floral papers. These papers have cardstock weight and a cool texture to them. They are so yummy to work with!

So what kind of good habits do you fall into during the summer? Are you documenting them?

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Weekend Photos | A Scrapbook Layout

Have to apologize right up front for the photo quality today. It was pretty dreary over the past weekend here in Orlando and my photos suffer without out good natural light. I took photos of several projects so the next few posts will be the same. But if that is the worst of my problems, I’m not doing so bad!

On to the layout…

I can always count on my youngest nephew Kyle to ham it up in front of the camera with me. Michael is still camera shy but we were able to get some great photos when they were in Florida for spring break. Love this little series.

Weekend Photos from www.yourmemoryconnection.com with October Afternoon's Daily Flash #scrapbooking

I used a combination of October Afternoon’s Daily Flash collection and Simple Stories Charmed Life collection. I cut apart this adorable Compose pattern paper and used the square pieces to form a band behind my photos. All of the elements are so fun. While the front side of this Be Still My Heart paper is cute, I loved the back side with the cameras and used that to peek around two edges of the layout.

Weekend Photos from www.yourmemoryconnection.com with October Afternoon's Daily Flash

Most of the other embellishments come from either the Blurbs embellishment pack or the Charmed Insta Squares pack. I am really loving the 2×2 square pieces. They are so easy to use for embellishment clusters and aren’t too big to use as a stand alone embellishment. I used the camera and heart pieces with foam adhesive to pop them up off the page. I used another one at the top of the band along with some other pieces in a cluster.

When was the last time you got goofy in front of the camera? I hope you are capturing these moments and documenting them!

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