Pocket Pages Aren’t Just For Project Life

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my Project Life album. I really love it for daily documentation and as a place to store all the bits and pieces of memorabilia I keep. But I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to make the pages. If I stay on top of it, great. If I don’t, well, I’ll get to it. Eventually.

In working on my Project Life album, I’ve grown to love all the different pocket pages. (This page protector is from MAMBI and I picked the package up at Michaels). And I’m starting to add more pocket pages to my 12×12 albums. Not Project Life pages, but pages like this:

(First, it’s so hard to photograph pocket pages in the best light, let alone at night with no natural light. So let’s just look around the terrible glare, OK?)

And not necessarily to save time — though that is a bonus. But more because I have a ton of 3×4 cards that I really want to use. I do like to use 3×4 cards on traditional layouts too, but I’ll usually layer with them which means parts get covered up.

I had some fun 3×4 cards that came in one of my Cocoa Daisy kits several months ago. I had an idea to create a 12×12 layout but with extra crafting time being scarce right now, I pulled out a pocket page and within minutes, the fun page was created.

One of my favorite things about the pockets is that you can embellish to your hearts content…or not…depending on what works for you. I sometimes have a hard time adding random embellishments to my pages. Making sure the placement is right and that things aren’t floating. But in small pockets? It is so much easier for me.

Because I’m sure the question is out there…let’s talk about the reverse side. This is just a one page layout, so what goes on the other side? I don’t know yet. I will probably take a sheet of 12×12 pattern paper that I don’t want to use on a layout and just cut it up to fit in the pockets. That way, it goes into my album and there’s something pretty on the other side, until I figure it out. Or maybe this weekend I’ll come across some photos that will be perfect and I’ll finish the other side. It really doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

I will mention too that this is the second page I’ve created recently where I’ve pulled out embellishments solely by color. I took the cue from the 3×4 cards and pulled out some brown and pink embellishments. I do sort some of my embellishments by color and it really has me thinking about the rest of my embellishments. I have a feeling I’ll be working on that soon.

Do you sort any of your supplies by color?

More on that in a future post…

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Summer Pleasures | A Project Life Style Layout

I’ve been experimenting lately with layouts in my Project Life album that are not date specific (i.e. Week 36 or August). Last month I shared a layout documenting the 46 days leading up to my new job. This month I wanted to share a summer layout with random photos from throughout the summer, using the Project Life divided page protectors.

When it comes to Project Life, I hate to ever use the words “caught up” because I just don’t want to put pressure on the process. I’m happy with whatever layouts and weeks or months get into the album. And if some weeks or months never get created, oh well. But I use the term here because I haven’t created a monthly or weekly spread for this album since March. I have photos, notes and ephemera saved so one day, I’ll get to it. But in the meantime, I like pages with a theme (so to speak) that allows me to get some photos and journaling done.

I used a variety of products here. The journaling cards are from Clementine core kit. The summery 3×4 cards are from the Me And My Big Ideas summer card set from Michael’s. I also used Sunshine and Cruise papers from Fancy Pants ‘ Down By The Shore collection and a variety of embellishments from my stash. I am still using my favorite BIC Mark-It Color Collection Ultra Fine pens for my journaling.

You may have noticed that one of the photos is missing. I haven’t had time lately to upload photos to an online service for printing so I printed these at home. As the last photo was printing, I heard a screeching sound from my printer and an error message that one of the ink cartridges malfunctioned. I hope a new ink cartridge fixes the issues but I have a bad feeling. Ugh. First my laptop crashes. Now my photo printer. It’s a good thing it all hit AFTER the new job started.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I am going to try and schedule nothing and go nowhere. Doesn’t sound like fun, but I have so much to do it would be nice to just have a weekend at home so I can accomplish something!

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New Ideas For Project Life

So… this post was supposed to go live yesterday but I forgot. I had a busy weekend running around, getting myself prepared for my adventures this week on the new job. Sunday night at 11:30 PM is not a good time to realize that my half finished blog post still needs attention. I guess I will have to keep the posting calendar more flexible as I get used to my new schedule and responsibilities.

Anyway… I have a bit of a confession.

I haven’t created a Project Life layout since March.

It’s not that I’ve abandoned my album or don’t like it any more. I still love creating my monthly spreads. But right now, it’s more about where my life has been in the past few months. The retail management job I worked since March served it’s purpose (i.e. income) but man, did it take a toll on me. When I’m unhappy, I tend to take far fewer photos and stop looking for and capturing the everyday magical moments. I have some photos, I will document the experience in all of it’s stark reality, but it will be brief and I will quickly move on.

And so, because I have been neglecting my Project Life album this year, I started thinking of different types of layouts — that document something different than a week or a month of everyday life — that I could add to the album using the divided page protectors. I’ve completed a few layouts so far and am loving the variety. I can’t wait to share them and hopefully some creative ideas along the way.

First up? Documenting an experience for a set number of days. You could think about it as documenting along a timeline, though I didn’t add dates on my cards. Here, I documented the process of landing my new job. From the day the recruiter called to the day I accepted the offer, the divided page protectors were perfect for documenting this journey.

I used a combination of the Project Life – Honey core kit from Becky Higgins and the new Beautiful Life collection from Echo Park. The colors in these two collections coordinate perfectly. After I realized this opportunity was the real deal, things started looking up. I started to pick up the camera more often and I wanted to document this experience no matter what happened. Thank goodness it has a happy ending!

I printed a few screen shots from my computer onto photo paper. When I got my first job out of college (the one that lasted 12 long, successful years before I was laid off), there was no such thing as internet applications or accepting job offers online. I wanted to preserve that part of the process, which was on one hand a frustrating black hole and on the other actually expedited the process.

It was a nerve wracking 43 days but somehow the experience made it easier to face that druge of a retail job. Every day I went in knowing that soon…soon…things might be turning around. I’m happy to report that things are going great so far! I have been hired for a new division in Orlando and the area in the office where I will be isn’t ready yet, so I have been training elsewhere. It feels so good to dig back into the world of real estate transactions and leasing deals. (Yes, I really do mean that!)

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Using Project Life Cards on Layouts | Titles

I have shared several layouts in the past few months showing how I am incorporating my Project Life core kit cards into my regular scrapbook layouts. I have several core kits now and since I’ve cut back on Project Life to about once a month (except for some special layouts I have been working on – more on that soon!), I need to incorporate the cards into my layouts to really maximize them.

One of the easiest ways? Use them to ground titles.

I do this often.

Here’s a layout I shared last year. The journaling card was the perfect place for my longer title and the accent cards were already cut to shape and so easy to add.

I shared this one a few weeks ago. While the title is actually printed on the card, I used the top of that same card to add the date, so it worked in just the same way.

In my layout today, I used a journaling card specifically for my title once again.

The journaling card has just enough detail to help the title stand out, yet it’s not too busy to distract. Sometimes when I add titles to pattern paper backgrounds, they can get lost in the pattern. The lines and grids in the background of the journaling cards provides the perfect backdrop.

Trying to keep the layout playful in contrast to the severe black background, I scattered some white embossed hearts from top left to bottom right to add diagonal flow. I also added in a few enamel dots. I didn’t think paint splatters would show up on the dark background, but I may go back and add some. I think those corners still need something.

I matted the photo with several layers of pattern paper and vellum so that it wouldn’t disappear on the black cardstock background. The mats are at slight angles to add play up the whimsical feel. I love how the white heat embossing turned out against that black background. I made a few embellishments by punching hearts from two of the 3×4 cards and one of my pattern papers. Using a circle punch over the heart, I was able to get a circle with the heart negative in the middle. I added black punched hearts in the centers to get the contrast.

If you find yourself trying out Project Life and purchasing a core kit, keep in mind you can use the elements on your regular layouts too. You don’t have to limit them to the divided page protectors. Have you come up with a unique way to use journaling cards on your own layouts?

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Simple Layouts To The Rescue

I ran into Hobby Lobby the other day and was pleased to find one last Honey Project Life kit (here’s the digi version). Of all of Becky’s new Project Life kits, this is the one I really wanted. So I splurged. But with a coupon. Of course.

Rather than waiting to use it for my next monthly round up of Project Life (this year I’m only doing it on a monthly basis) I decided just to use the cards in the kit on a regular 12×12 layout.

With very little free time on my hands lately, I was so happy with how quickly this came together. It was just what I needed — a fun, simple layout to help me get the creative mojo flowing again!

Oh my cuteness! I am in love with the images in this kit. Cameras. Hearts. Stars. Lots of great phrase cards. Fantastic color palette. I love everything about it.

Now that I do have several core kits and I’m not a weekly Project Lifer, I need to incorporate these cards into my regular scrapbooking more. I want to maximize the use of all of my kits. For this layout, in addition to a few cards from the Honey kit, I only added a sheet of cardstock, a fun background pattern paper, a strip of polka dot paper, some photo corners made with an old Quickutz die, a simple title and a few paper clip embellishments with a ribbon from my favorite newest collection.

This layout will go into my album in the middle of a section from our trip to DisneyWorld in 2009. These are some random photos from our day at the Magic Kingdom. There isn’t a specific story or anything in particular I wanted to say about them. There are other pages in this section of my album where I include stories and more detail, so I don’t mind that this one is journaling free.

Now I can move on to a layout that is a little more complicated. Hopefully it’ll be done in time to post Thursday. Wish me luck!

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Project Life | March 2013

Wow. How did it get to be April already? This year is just whizzing by.

Since it is the start of another month, that means it’s time to share last month’s Project Life spread. I love using the Project Life method to help me capture every day memories and to have a place to put the “stuff” I love to keep, but I just can’t do it weekly anymore. I’m finding that monthly is just the right pace for me and I’m still having fun making my spreads. And that’s the most important thing, right?

I used the Hey Girl! collection from Basic Grey for these pages. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked through the papers at my JoAnn store. I loved the patterns. I loved Basic Grey years ago but they haven’t been on my radar in a long time. All three of the paper collections currently out in JoAnn stores are really nice. Especially when you get them at 50% off!

This month had a little more going on, though I was so busy I generally forgot to take many photos. I forget photos when it’s boring, I forget photos when it’s busy. I guess I just like that in between spot best! Anyway, my schedule changed significantly this month (more on that eventually…I have a layout in the works!) and I’m trying hard to balance work vs play and figuring out when I really need to just chill and do nothing and when I need to spend time crafting because it helps to re-energize me.

This month I added a photo I found on Google showing the new Pope in the Cistine Chapel. Since I have stood in the Cistine Chapel and was not allowed to take photos, I really wanted to include this print. It’s such a stunning room. I also picked up the last Twilight movie to finish the collection. I only read the books a year ago so I wasn’t in on the whole craze while it was happening. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would but I just don’t get what all the fuss was about.

I do have one added insert this month. (This page protector is from Martha Stewart’s office collection at Staples.) My nephews came to Florida for their Spring Break. Things were very low key this year as none of us wanted to hit the theme parks. Been there, done that. Now that I live down the street from the theme parks again, there just isn’t an urgency to go all the time.  So we just hung out and the boys had a good time anyway. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow for an extended visit, so my photos are very limited. Can there be anything sadder for a scrapbooker?

This month I also included two cards from a friend, a fun order from Two Peas, a new cracker discovery and the moon rising. All in all, good times.

I hope you had a great March too!

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Project Life | February 2013

Today I wanted to share my February Project Life layout. I am doing Project Life on a monthly basis now and find that once a month is the perfect frequency for me.

February is my least favorite month. It’s easier to handle now that I’m back in Florida and not enduring cold winters but I’m always happy to see the calendar page turn to March. No extra page protectors this month. It was a stretch to find enough just to fill these slots. I know, that’s bad. But realistic. I still think it’s important to document the boring weeks and months right along with the fun ones.

I used another 6×6 paper pad this month, this time Echo Park’s This & That Graceful collection. I also added two cuts I created with the Silhouette Studio software and cut with my Silhouette. The photos are very normal, every day photos. Drinks with a friend, a few reminders of what it’s like to live in Florida, working on my taxes. I included some ephemera – an envelope from a card, a few valentines, a post card from the library.

Yep, really boring! But that’s totally OK because sometimes life is routine and not very exciting. I have a feeling that March will have a little more going on! At least I hope it does…

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Ephemera | Movie Tickets

I’ve been going through some older ephemera lately and finding some new ways to get it into my scrapbooks. My Project Life album is primarily where I keep ephemera now — unless it’s related to a trip or some specific event that I’m scrapbooking separately — but I still have a big stack of items that I want to get into my scrapbook eventually.

This weekend I tackled some old movie tickets. And I saved a lot of movie tickets. I still have my ticket from when I saw The Goonies and The Karate Kid movies in the 80’s. That’s kind of cool, right?

For the tickets I had left (I have documented many other movies in travel albums and on other layouts) I wanted to keep them all together in one place. I went online and found the movie poster for each movie and printed them on photo paper at home.

My albums are organized into categories so these pages will go into my Things album. Since I don’t keep my albums in chronological order, I’ll just pick a place and add them in.

I like having pages in all different sizes, so these 8.5×11 pages will add some variety. I believe I found these page protectors at Staples or some other office supply store. They were intended for photo slides but suited this purpose perfectly.

What’s your favorite way to document ephemera, other than on a scrapbook layout?

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Project Life | January 2013

For something different today, I wanted to share my January Project Life spread. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so I thought I would show what I’m doing differently this year.

I have mentioned before that every year I’ve done Project Life, I have simplified my approach. Not in the way I create my spreads — I am a scrapbooker and I do prefer to add embellishments and stickers and labels, etc… to my pages — but more in the way of frequency and what I’m documenting. The photo-a-day thing never worked for me. I’ve tried (and do like) the weekly approach but do not always have enough to fill 2 pages a week.

This year I’m going with one spread per month and will also include extra page protectors when needed. If it’s a big event month, I’ll plan extra spreads. But if it’s a slow month, one spread is enough.

This month does include extras, but is also typical of the stuff I love to document every month. I love the print screen feature on my iPhone so I can capture the weather and text threads.  I always try to add book covers for whatever I’m reading at the moment. Movie tickets and posters or DVD covers of favorite TV shows are another thing I like to document. I also try to add in news stories and will sometimes find photos on Google to support them.

I also included my word for 2013 on a 4×6 flip pocket protector. I am not taking the BPC class this year, but I have taken it in the past so I used artwork from a prior class to create the 4×6 card you see here.

January is my birthday month so there are extra page protectors for cards and notes and messages from family and friends.

I added one of Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Design I specialty sized page protectors here to add some instagram photos from my birthday night. (And yes, I’ve already scrapbooked some of these photos but I don’t mind printing and including them again.)

This year I am not using a Project Life core kit (though I may buy one when the newest collections come out in May). I still have quite a bit left over from the two kits I used last year, but I am trying to just use my own stash this year. On this spread, I used the 6×6 collection of  Indigo Bleu collection from Pink Paislee.

Another thing I wanted to try this year was to print my journaling. I have always hand written my journaling in these albums and while I like to have my writing there too, I can say more by adjusting the font size. My hand writing is big and I make mistakes. I was tired of wasting cards. I like that I can say so much more by typing and printing the journaling directly onto the paper or cards.

I already like the frequency of just once a month. I can prep the page through the month and then it’s easy enough to finish in a couple of hours when I have the photos. It does take a little more time now to print the journaling but I like the result so I’ll stick with it.

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Pen Pals | Multi-page Scrapbook Layout

This was a fun page to create! It’s been in my “unfinished” project file for about a year now. It’s about time I finally got around to it.

I’m a big fan of incorporating ephemera and memorabilia on my layouts. I used to do it more often but Project Life has become the keeper of such things so I don’t include as many extras on my traditional pages anymore. But this layout was an exception.

My friend Debbie and I were introduced back in 1986 (how is it even possible it’s been that long????) through Tiger Beat magazine. We were both fans of Duran Duran and that was one of the places to find fan info. I was in Spokane, WA and she was in Joshua, TX and we became pen pals. I have other layouts in my albums of our adventures, but this page is about how we met and how our friendship has endured.

I knew this was going to be a multi-page layout as I had quite a bit to document. I already had the photos printed and after pushing them around the page for 20 minutes decided nothing was working.

Enter the divided page protector. It was the perfect solution. The photos could be showcased on their own, there are slots for pretty paper — from Echo Park’s Sweet Day collection — and a few embellishments. (Sorry for the plastic glare!)

Here, I created a very quick and simple mini album to include extra photos, including my first stop at a Hard Rock cafe. Oh how happy I was to go to my first Hard Rock! Such a fun memory.

Yes, of course I still have tons of Duran Duran stuff from every Tiger Beat and Bop magazine I ever purchased. I have collected and saved things my entire life. Debbie is also responsible for my scrapbooking addiction – for which I will be forever grateful! Just wish we could have gone to a Duran Duran concert together at some point. How fun would that have been?

I went through my stash of saved letters and was able to find one from each address – from Spokane to Bellingham (WA) to Beverly Hills (FL) to Orlando to Franklin (TN) back to Orlando. Such a history! I created a vellum pocket to hold them and stitched around the outside edge to hold it together.

And here’s how it looks in the album.

When was the last time you documented a lifelong friendship?

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