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The crafting came to a bit of a halt last week. But I have a really good reason. I’m not ready to reveal it quite yet as the news is still sinking in, but it’s sent me in a new direction and I need to gear up.

And then there’s this…

My scraproom closet is so small that once chaos enters, things go downhill quickly. I can barely get in the door. I haven’t done any purging since last summer when I moved in. I got rid of so much when I moved that I couldn’t bear to let anything else go. But it’s time. I am off today and heading to the craft store in search of some new storage options. I have some ideas that might help…if I can just find them.

I also have tags on my desk that are half done and two layouts in progress. I hope to finish it all up today so I will have some fun things to post this week. And as soon as things are confirmed, I will let you all in on my good news.

What’s going on in your world?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. can’t wait to hear about your new news!!

    i constantly purge my supplies- i cant craft unless I am organized. I know it sounds funny but i have no mojo when i am sitting in a mess.

    hope you find some good storage options. i loved your idea about using binder clips for tags and such and i have been slowly converting to that!!

  2. Well you sure caught my attention Tammy! Can’t wait until share your news with us! I could probably purge some things but I feel like I need everything! Ha!

  3. Oooh ooh! I can’t wait to hear! Sounds like good news! Sending very good thoughts your way for positive things.

    I’m finishing up my 3-week trip to Melbourne for grad school. It’s been quite the experience and I’m going home in a couple days.

  4. Can’t wait to hear your good news!! I hope you come up with some new storage options to share 🙂

  5. Cannot wait to hear your news!
    Hope it is soon 🙂

    And I know I need to do some major purging or just keep scrapping and use it up.
    There are quite a few pieces I am seeing for new releases that I would like to pick up, but need to make room!

  6. I had started sorting all the paper into bins by subject but you know how life changes your motion of creativity some times. I do like the idea of everything in plastics bins I just need to get the shelving unit into place as planned so I can possibly start the creative process again!

  7. I’m looking forward to hearing your great news, Tammy! I think your closet looks awesome with all of those wonderful goodies stacked up in the containers. 🙂

  8. That is quite the teaser! Looking forward to your good news.

  9. ooooh – can’t wait to hear the news!!!!

  10. Looking forward to your news.

    I have those same wire shelf units in my scrap space with plastic bins. Love them. Will be fun to see what solutions you come up with in there. Also loving your tag series – great idea.


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