5 Sunshiny Things

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Happy Saturday!

I’ve got another installment of 5 Things for you today. This week, I was on the hunt for some sun inspiration for a layout I’m working on. Spring is definitely here in Nashville, but it’s still mostly rainy and cloudy and dreary. The sun comes out for a few hours and then we don’t see it for a week. Not only did I want to create a sun, but I needed some sun projects just to cheer me up!

Here are some of the awesome projects I found, from five different scrapbook designers.

1. Everything About You Brightens My Life by Allison Davis. Ali is my go-to girl for two page layouts, but she has also created some of the most creative suns scenes I’ve ever seen! I love how she used different pattern papers for the sun rays. And on My Sunshine, (scroll down to the second layout in this post) she added a new dimension with an assortment of buttons.

2. Son-Shine by Susan Weinroth. How cute is this? Her beach photos make me really happy that I’m moving back to Florida. I love the pointy rays on her big sun at the top and how she reinforced the theme with two additional embellished suns around the page.

3. Shine by Jen Gallacher. I love that she backed her sun with a doily! It’s unexpected but super cute. It reminds you of puffy clouds behind the sun in the sky. This post shows another fun sun layout if you scroll further down the page. I love the sense of movement she created on the second page, that goes along with the rolling in the photo.

4. Fun in the Sun by Emilia Stammler. I am such a big fan of stitching on layouts.  (I can’t be bothered with a machine so I hand stitch and use my handy Sew Easy.) On this layout, I love how she stitched over the image on the pattern paper. Such a great example of how we can go from simple to extraordinary with a few extra touches.

5. This Smile by Jaclyn Rench. First your eyes are drawn to the adorable baby but the cute banner sends you right up to that fun sun! I love that her sun and clouds are all pattern papers. And not small delicate prints, but bold, bright, colorful prints. I love everything about this layout!

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll be back on Monday with an announcement!



  1. lovely post~ for this Easter weekend!!

  2. What a lovely idea for a post! Have a great Easter

  3. Hi Tammy. I am a fellow student with you in Shimelle’s class. I really love your idea of posting links to other layouts. I enjoyed following the links.

  4. Dropping in from BBFS. Love the links!

  5. what a great post linking to all those blogs with all the sunshine ideas that are perfect for all the sunny weather we have in the Uk at the moment. I am soooo jealous of you moving to Florida, it is 2 years since we last visited we went regularly and loved the quiet beaches in the South West xxx

  6. Aaaahhh, the sun! We’ve been getting so much rain here, these sunny links were perfect! Thank you!

  7. Such a wonderful sunny post!:-) Thank you for including my layout here as well!


    • You are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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