5 Summer Salads

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Happy Sunday! Are you having a good weekend? We are getting a lot of rain here in Nashville. During winter, I will complain up and down about how depressing the rain is and how much I hate the grey clouds. But I like rain in the summer. My grass need the rain and it broke our near 100’s heat streak, so it’s a good thing!

I’ve been spending a little more time on Pinterest recently. I typically have to ration my time there because Pinterest tends to suck me right in. Hours will pass. Even I can admit that it’s not the best use of my time. But recently, I’ve been using Pinterest to find yummy recipes I will actually make. It’s so easy to find recipes. Just click on a pretty photo and it takes to the original location with all the details.

In my never ending quest to get more veggies in my diet, I thought I would share some summer salads. These are all on my list of things to make in these last few weeks of summer.

1. Southwestern Summer Salad from www.skiptomylou.org – all things southwest layered together. What’s not to love?

2. Spinach and Fruit Summer Salad from www.makeit-loveit.com – she just uses spinach, but I’d probably do a mix of iceberg and romaine with some spinach thrown in. And substitute feta cheese for the goat cheese. And probably just plain walnuts because that would be easier. But the rest? Mmmmm…

3. Summer Pesto Pasta Salad from www.slowlikehoney.net – how about some pasta salad? This one looks super easy. I would omit the peas and add english cucumber or maybe some drained artichoke hearts.

4. Quick Summer Fruit Salad from www.realmomkitchen.com – no veggies in this one, but look at all that lovely fruit!

5. Grilled Chicken Salad With Feta, Fresh Corn and Blueberries from www.thepioneerwoman.com – this is the weird one of the bunch. It’s an unexpected mix of flavors. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll admit I’m intrigued. Ree’s recipes are always yummy and I bet this is no exception.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Thanks for the links, I’m always looking for great new salad recipes!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I know with our HOT temps I have not cooked anything except sandwiches….boring after a while 🙂

  3. I don’t have a pinterest, but love to check out everyone else’s.
    I love that you can get to the original post just by clicking on the photo, so cool.

    I will have to check out some of those salads 🙂

  4. Oh those all look so very yummy and a great variety you have picked! I have not been on pinterest very much lately!! I know I need to plan for a few hours when I do get on 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend Tammy 🙂


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